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The No Shelter Snow Globe - NGO - Hus Forbi JPG
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The No Shelter Snow Globe - Hus Forbi

The No Shelter Snow Globe - Hus Forbi - NGO


Title of Entry: The No Shelter Snow Globe
Brand: Hus Forbi
Product/Service: NGO
Client: Hus Forbi
Entrant Company: ADVICE A/S
Creative Team: Creative: Rikke Mønster
Creative: Alexander Mackenzie
3D Designer: Emma Lindberg
Production Designer: Cathrine Understrup
Production Designer: Markus Høgh Iversen
Production Designer: Orion Pilo
Photographer: Kim Bech
Photographer: Anton Bruun Iversen
PR Consultant: Maria Rasmussen
PR Consultant: Lise Vejnø
PR Consultant: Casper Felt
PR Consultant: Morten Vester Haldrup
PR Consultant: Emil Ipsen
PR Consultant: Helena Grundt Hansen
PR Consultant: Esben Asbjørn Damkilde Pedersen
Other Credits: Hus Forbi: Rasmus Kristensen
Notes: This Christmas COVID-19 restrictions and assembly bans forced Danish homeless shelters to close or offer reduced accommodation, leaving many homeless Danes with nowhere to get shelter or warmth.

To highlight this urgent issue and encourage political action, the Danish homeless NGO Hus Forbi used a traditional Christmas icon but with a very untraditional motif. We launched our campaign by sending out Snow Globes to selected influencers with a relevant profile; and politicians responsible for the imposed COVID-19 restrictions. Each snow globe featured a miniature figure of a real homeless Dane who would be affected by closed shelters. The figures were created by 3D scanning and -printing Harald, Jens, David and David’s dog in 1:30 scale. The globes were accompanied by their personal stories on how the closing of shelters during winter would impact them. Influencers were urged to share the message publicly, and politicians were called upon to act before the rough winter weather would hit. With zero media spend we managed to spark a national debate in the media, and amongst the public and politicians with several politicians and celebrities sharing the message on social media - including the Minister of Social Affairs, Astrid Krag. But most importantly our message reached the government, and the issue was brought up in parliament the 13th of December. This resulted in an immediate 5 mil. DKK, being given to create enough additional shelters to secure all homeless Danes a bed for Christmas and into the new year. In addition, an exceptional exemption in the COVID-19 assembly ban was passed exclusively for homeless charity dinners.

Reach: 7.450.000 / Earned media: 4.900.500 / PR ROI: 1970%
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