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Title of Entry: #WerkItFromHome
Brand: truth
Product/Service: truth
Client: truth
Entrant Company: 72andSunny Los Angeles
Creative Agency: 72andSunny Los Angeles
Account Manager: Laura Likos/Danielle Rivera/Avery Wright
Creative Director: Nate Virnig/Okan Usta
Date of Release: 2020-04-03
Notes: Brief:
Truth came to us looking for a way to help teens and young adults do their part in stopping the spread of COVID-19 during a global pandemic. Early data from other countries showed that young people were the biggest spreaders of the virus because they didn’t feel personally in harm’s way and tended to be more asymptomatic. The problem was that young people didn’t really have to do much to stop the spread, they just needed to stay home, but that was proving difficult for a group of people who put social interaction above all else. As a Gen Z brand with intimate knowledge of this generation and the superpower to speak to them at their level, truth needed to help. Our job was simple, get them to want to stay home.

From our 20 year experience of motivating young people to do the opposite of what they want to do, we knew that we simply couldn’t tell them to stay home. Going out and meeting up with friends was the normal thing to do, so instead we needed to normalize staying home and make it an enticing activity that all will want to join. We did it by harnessing one of Gen Z’s biggest passion points, fashion, to create the #WerkItFromHome challenge. An at-home runway fashion show where young people would use TikTok to show off their funky and fabulous home-made outfits, set to the iconic song by RuPaul “Supermodel”. We invited TikTok influencers to get it started and open the fashion show for others to follow.

Results & Achievement:
#WerkItFromHome garnered 6.3 Billion views on TikTok, received over 560 thousand participants, and most importantly it got young people to show off to their peers that they’re staying home, and looking good while doing it. With all the participating content we received, it would take 3 years to watch it all. The initiative normalized sheltering in place and helped stop the spread of the virus, simply by getting young people to have fun.
Other Credits: Producers: Carlin Wilson-Webb/Katie Gaul
Other Credits: Strategy: Greg White/Marc Pardy/Malek Draoui/Renee Vafa
Other Credits: PAL: Vanessa Rivera
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