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Jontex Sintony - Jontex
Jontex Sintony

Jontex Sintony - Jontex - Jontex Sintony


Title of Entry: Jontex Sintony
Brand: Jontex
Product/Service: Jontex Sintony
Client: Jontex
Entrant Company: BETC São Paulo
Creative Agency: BETC São Paulo
Creative Director: Andrea Siqueira, Laura Azevedo
Art Director: André Batista, André Ignatiuk
Copywriter: Rodrigo Casanovas
Chief Creative Officer: Erh Ray
Account Executive: Lucas Nabuco, Bianca Chagas
Account Manager: Daniela Keller, Luana Gregorio
Illustrator: Imagefy Studio
Date of Release: 2019-05-09
Notes: Jontex Orgasm in Sintony is a condom brand launch in Brazil that has an internal gel that slows the male orgasm and is textured from the outside to stimulate the female orgasm. The campaign uses examples of speed and slowness that are in the collective unconscious: turtles x rabbits, snails x hummingbirds, sloths x cheetahs. The pieces sign: New Jontex Orgasm in Sintony. Speeds her up and slows him down.
Other Credits: ECD: Andrea Siqueira
Other Credits: Communications & PR: Camila Nakagawa
Other Credits: Media: Carlinha Gagliardi, Felippe Sobrinho, Andressa Lechugo, Thiago Costa, Cintia Hashimoto, Ruy Neto
Other Credits: Strategy: Agatha Kim, Bianca Brito, Mayara Pinheiro
Other Credits: Integrated Production Director: Anna Ferraz
Other Credits: Art Buyer: Andrea Carmassi, Edna Bombini
Other Credits: Graphic Production Director: Gilmar Souza
Other Credits: Graphic Production: Carlos Valeriano, Plinio Junior, Marcio Brusaferro, Marcos Nascimento, Adriana Wrege, Sabrina Zilli
Other Credits: Advertiser: Alexandra Romeo, Juliana Rufino, Beatriz Ribeiro