18: CRAFT (Outstanding Direction (film/video))

Malaria - Raise Avairness - https://www.houselessnothomeless.info JPG
Malaria - Raise Avairness - https://www.houselessnothomeless.info MOV 5m:00s

Malaria - https://www.houselessnothomeless.info
Raise Avairness

Malaria - https://www.houselessnothomeless.info - Raise Avairness


Title of Entry: Malaria
Brand: https://www.houselessnothomeless.info
Product/Service: Raise Avairness
Client: https://www.houselessnothomeless.info/about-the-film
Entrant Company: Bonaparte films
Creative Agency: Bonaparte Films
Duration of Entry: 05:00
Craft Leader(s): Andzej Gavriss
Creative Director: Andzej Gavriss
Sector: N/A
Production Company: Bonaparte films
Producer: Nico Kreis
Date of Release: 2020-07-01
Director: Andzej Gavriss
DOP: Anatol Trofimov
Editor: David Gesslbauer
Sound Studio: Uneon Sound
Sound Engineer: Denis Elmaci
VFX Company: Supercontinent
Music Company: Benz Music
Post Production Company: Supercontinent
Casting: Kelcey Watson
URL Link (optional): https://vimeo.com/432240051