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Bring On Winter - Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand

Bring On Winter - Air New Zealand - Air New Zealand


Title of Entry: Bring On Winter
Brand: Air New Zealand
Product/Service: Air New Zealand
Client: Air New Zealand
Entrant Company: Host/Havas Sydney
Creative Agency: Host/Havas Sydney
Judging URL: http://airnzbringonwinter.co.nz/
Live site URL: http://airnzbringonwinter.co.nz/
Title 1: Bring On Winter
Title 2: Bring On Winter
Title 2 URL (Optional): http://airnzbringonwinter.co.nz/
Sector: TRAVEL
Date of Release: 2019-05-21
Support URL: http://yousawitfirstnowtextyourfriends.com/ourcasestudy/air-nz-bring-on-winter-award/
Notes: Brief:
As the national carrier, Air New Zealand wanted to promote winter in New Zealand as a place you can quite literally get away from life’s pressures in a country filled with inspiration.

After the disappointing final season of Game of Thrones, fans were desperate for a better ending to the series - one that was promised in author George RR Martin’s next book, Winds of Winter.
But Martin had his own problems. He’d developed a five-year case of writer’s block and refused to give a release date.So, Air New Zealand offered to help him finish Winds of Winter with a trip to a nation bursting with creativity… New Zealand.

Bring On Winter was a socially-driven campaign that transformed New Zealand into a country-sized muse for one person. In 48 hours, with a budget of less than $50,000, the campaign delivered $2.3 million in earned media value and over 16,000,000 media impressions.
It also caught the attention of George himself, who shared the campaign (and a glowing recommendation of New Zealand) with millions of fans.

Even better, for the first time in five years, Air New Zealand did what no-one else could – secure a release date from the author for the world’s most anticipated book.
Account Manager: Laura Mahoney, Ben Wall, Ant Moore
Creative Director: Matt Ennis, Josie Burns
Digital Producer: Stephanie Cameron
Designer: Michael Macgregor, Nic Adamovich, Adam Przybylski, Natalie Shue
Other Credits: Editor: Beau Simmons
Other Credits: Clients: Jodi Williams, Erica Beagley, Pip Erikson, Grace Blewitt, Maria Hahn , Tara Ryan
Other Credits: Executive Creative Director: Jon Austin
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