11: BRAND PURPOSE (Brand Purpose)

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LUCKATIONS - Baloto - Lotto


Title of Entry: LUCKATIONS
Brand: Baloto
Product/Service: Lotto
Client: Baloto
Entrant Company: Sancho BBDO
Creative Agency: Sancho BBDO
Chief Creative Officer: Sergio León / Mario Lagos / Hugo Corredor / Giovanni Martinez
Creative Director: Diego Fernando Forero / Nicolás Acosta / Oscar Ramirez / Emerson Martinez
Art Director: Claudia Castiblanco
Copywriter: Fernanda Basto / Steeven León / Javier Suarez
Account Executive: Javier Jimenez
Sector: N/A
Account Manager: Maria Paula Marmolejo
Date of Release: 2020-02-01
Notes: In 2020, Baloto, the largest lottery in Colombia, needed to make betting exciting again. People just wanted to win the lottery to paid debts and buy a house. They stopped "dreaming big".

In that search we realized that the geographical coordinates had the same amount of numbers it takes to win our game. Six.

So, we decided search for the most ostentatious places and mansions in the world that exactly matched the 6 numbers it takes to win our game.
We invite people to bet for a real place they could actually buy if they win, becoming neighbor of a soccer super star, a rockstar or maybe a famous actor.

We invite people to bet for a place, not just for a random number.
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