17: PRINT DESIGN (Packaging)

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isdad - Pepsi

isdad - Pepsi - Pepsi


Title of Entry: isdad
Brand: Pepsi
Product/Service: Pepsi
Client: Pepsico
Entrant Company: Sancho BBDO
Creative Agency: Sancho BBDO
Creative Director: Daniel Álvarez, Diego Contreras, Jose Ariel Hernández, Andrés Lancheros
Art Director: Andrés Lancheros
Designer: Sandra Guzmán, Juan David Pérez, Andrés Lancheros
Copywriter: Juan Diego Rivera, Jose Ariel Hernández
Chief Creative Officer: Hugo Corredor, Giovanni Martínez, Mario Lagos, Sergio León
Sector: N/A
Account Executive: Carolina Maldonado
Account Manager: Nicolás Duarte
Date of Release: 2020-06-21
Photographer: Francisco Giraldo
Notes: Being a dad turns your world upside down.

Pepsi’s logo has been redesigned lots of time throughout its history. But never for a special occasion. This year, we redesigned it one more time to celebrate Father’s Day whith a special edition bottle. Actually, we only discovered that by turning it upside down you can read: "isdad”. Just like being a dad gets your world upside down, we managed to turned upside down all social media with our special edition bottle as the star, after dad, of course. Making it possible for the fastest redesigned Pepsi’s logo to remain in history, but this time in dads history, as a celebration of their special day.
Other Credits: Daniela Osorio (Social Media Strategist)
Other Credits: Carlos Felipe Arango (CEO)
Other Credits: David Preciado (CM)
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