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Bottle Masks - Postobón - Postobón JPG
Bottle Masks - Postobón - Postobón JPG
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Bottle Masks - Postobón

Bottle Masks - Postobón - Postobón


Title of Entry: Bottle Masks
Brand: Postobón
Product/Service: Postobón
Client: Postobón
Entrant Company: Sancho BBDO
Creative Agency: Sancho BBDO
Chief Creative Officer: Hugo Corredor / Giovanni Martínez / Mario Lagos / Sergio León
Account Executive: Diana Vélez
Account Manager: Rodrigo Morales
Creative Director: Daniel Álvarez / Diego Contreras / Alberto Morales / Juan Aponte
Art Director: Wilson Valero / Alberto Morales
Copywriter: Esteban Henao / Juan Aponte
Date of Release: 2020-05-15
Judging URL: https://tomatelavida.com.co/noticias/mascaras-que-cuidan-postobon/
Notes: Due to the shortage created by COVID-19 in Colombia, basic medical equipment prices have increased as high as 10-20 USD *; an inaccessible cost considering the budget for the average Colombian family.

To provide the country with an immediate and accessible solution, we created Bottled Masks, a “how to” 4-step design to turn (0.1 USD) 2L-3L PET bottles into protective face shields.

We used the wide national presence from our family bottles at almost every corner store and household in Colombia, as a platform to provide them with a shield which meets both the thickness and resistance, needed to endure the chemicals used to sterilize medical protective equipment.

Our design was just the start, after a couple of weeks the campaign was aired, the people itself started to share their own face shield using ours as inspiration.

We made the initiative massive through paid and organic national mainstream media, attracting national media coverage and the support from opinion leaders and local sustainability activists.
Other Credits: Andrés Vélez / Catalin Montes (Editors)
Other Credits: Yesid Melendro (Craft)
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