11: BRAND PURPOSE (Brand Purpose)

Hungry for help? - Food delivery service - Wolt JPG
Hungry for help? - Food delivery service - Wolt JPG
Hungry for help? - Food delivery service - Wolt MP4 1m:46s

Hungry for help? - Wolt
Food delivery service

Hungry for help? - Wolt - Food delivery service


Title of Entry: Hungry for help?
Brand: Wolt
Product/Service: Food delivery service
Client: Wolt
Entrant Company: VMLY&R
Creative Agency: VMLY&R
Duration of Entry: 01:46
Creative Director: László Falvay
Art Director: Tibor Z. Petényi
Copywriter: Zsófia Erdei
Account Executive: Máté Major
Sector: N/A
Date of Release: 2020-02-14
Notes: Hungary haven't signed the Istambul Convention, and police is still does not intervene unless blood flows. Wolt's purpose to deliver what you want as fast as they can: in this case help for victims of domestic violence.


Wolt created a new code language to make hidden s.o.s. messages more effective. Using simple food names, and food ordering terms, abused women can articulate the exact problem, while camouflaging the emergency call with food ordering. Wolt becomes a bridge between victims and the help.

Camouflage menu on the camouflage restaurant: https://ciklonetterem.hu/

On the surface, we communicate foods rich in iron and B vitamins, which helps you to organize your cycle and ease the symptoms.

1. Ciklon burger with red coleslaw and fried sweet potatoes.

2. Sweet pampering, when it hurts the most

3. Red tuna steak with vegan sushi selection

4. Antispasmodic all veggie pad thai with beetroot juice

5. Raw force pizza


In eDM-s and dark social media: abused menu

Dishes are witnesses if domestic violence, food by food revealing more and more severe forms of abuse.

The series of abused foods manifest the different forms of abuse because, over physical damage, there are more levels of it.

Delivery boxes will get roles on each set, giving a feeling of ordered meals.

Ciklon abused menu

1. Two-faced Ciklon burger

A mirror makes the burger's abused side visible.

2. Mouth-watering cake

There's a portrait of the couple on the cake, where the woman's mouth is smashed.

3. Bounded tuna steak

The raw fish has bound with wires cut deep into his flesh

4. Suffocating pad thai

Untouched box of pasta, vacuumed in plastic.

5. Raw force pizza

Total crime scene smashed ketchup splashes with a pizza torn apart and a box with a knife in it.

Other Credits: Éva Szombat, Zsuzsi Matók, Csilla Erdei, Csaba Ádi, Tamás Telkes, Dániel Zwikl, András Papp, Somogyi Dániel
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