12: HEALTHCARE (Public Awareness)

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Life Thread - Colombo Municipal Council

Life Thread - Colombo Municipal Council -


Title of Entry: Life Thread
Brand: Colombo Municipal Council
Client: Public Health Department
Entrant Company: Triad
Creative Agency: Triad
Chief Creative Officer: Varuni Fernando
Art Director: Zeeshan Saligh
Copywriter: Shehan Samarasinha
Account Manager: Sajith Adikari
Date of Release: 2019-04-06
Notes: In the last 3 years there have seen more dengue cases than the last 10 years combined. Research has found that the main cause for this exponential growth is due to human-mosquito breeding. In order to protect people from themselves we literally tied up with the hands responsible for mosquito breeding.

We used a symbol of protection, the ‘pirith noola’ (a blessed thread that is worn to protect people against evil) to help protect people by reducing mosquito breeding spots.
Working with the public health department, the commonly known-unique marking of the dengue mosquito was studied and through a custom screen-printing technique infusing natural mosquito repellent, ‘life thread’ was born.

Monks educated people on mosquito breeding, blessed life thread and tied it as a pledge to stop mosquito breeding spots.
Editing Company: 35KM Films
Editor: Zeeshan Saligh, Chulle Rajapaksha, Lakmal Correra
Sound Studio: RedFox Productions
Sound Engineer: Pasan Liyanage
Music Company: RedFox Productions
Other Credits: Executive Creative Advisor - Ruchi Sharma
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