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The Birth of Gaming Tourism - Xbox One Enhanced
Xbox One Enhanced

The Birth of Gaming Tourism - Xbox One Enhanced - Xbox One Enhanced


Title of Entry: The Birth of Gaming Tourism
Brand: Xbox One Enhanced
Product/Service: Xbox One Enhanced
Client: Xbox / Microsoft
Entrant Company: McCann London
Creative Agency: McCann London
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Doubal, Laurence Thomson
Account Executive: Rob Smith, Sailesh Jani
Account Manager: Nicole Robinson-Spaude, Lynne Carter, Andy Wynn, Melanie Vickers, Robert Stockton, Conor Lloyd, Anastasia Imam, Lucy Manning, Eloise Thompson
Creative Director: Sanjiv Mistry, Jamie Mietz
Art Director: Jacob Björdal, Juan Peirano
Copywriter: Jim Nilsson, Hetu Negri
Date of Release: 2019-04-24
Videogame marketing has always focused on characters and weapons. How could Xbox target a new audience who didn’t care about the violence?

We created a new reason to buy games. Not to play. To visit. Because games have become so vast and lifelike, they can be sold as destinations. Xbox transformed into a travel brand, for the first time promoting not gameplay, but games as tourist destinations. It was all built around a groundbreaking partnership with global travel guide publisher Rough Guides, which worked just like their guides to countries, but with all the advice entirely for virtual worlds. Launched at the UK’s largest travel expo, the idea changed how people experience games, and the shift was amplified on everything from tourist board-style ads to in-game guided tours to selling console bundles as package holidays. It was not just a new lens on gaming, but a new lens on travel.

- Debuted in 29 countries and counting
- 4x average response rate
- 55% traffic increase
- 67% above average engagement rate
Other Credits: Strategy - Karen Crum, James Appleby, Fanni David, Thomas Keane
Other Credits: Design - Dan Howarth, Matthew Thomas, Nazima Motegheria, Angelika Juszczyk
Other Credits: Project Management - Clare Prager, Anna Curtis, Hannah Graff
Other Credits: Photography - Duncan Harris, Josh Taylor
Other Credits: Chief Production Officer - Sergio Lopez; Lead Executive Producer - Sophie Chapman-Andrews; Executive Producer - Kin-Man Ly ; Head of Studio - Ellis Faint
Other Credits: Producer - Alex Dougan, Harvey Winter, Jeremy Reichman, Aurelija Salickaite, Liam White, Steve Tester, Angelo Tsolkas, Jamie Cooper
Other Credits: Director - Ben Twiston-Davies
Other Credits: Art Buying & Imaging - Pam Oskam, Julie Hughes, John Martin, Rob McDonald
Other Credits: Creative Resercher - Holly Webster; Creative Technologist - Tai Smith; Print Studio Manager - Robbie Maynard
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