15: CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY (Integrated use of new technology)

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My Carer - Alzheimer's Society UK
Voice Assistant App

My Carer - Alzheimer's Society UK - Voice Assistant App


Title of Entry: My Carer
Brand: Alzheimer's Society UK
Product/Service: Voice Assistant App
Client: Alzheimer's Society UK
Entrant Company: McCann London
Creative Agency: McCann London
Sector: N/A
Chief Creative Officer: Adrian Botan, Rob Doubal, Laurence Thomson
Account Manager: Georgie Rechner, Mel Caplan
Creative Director: Roy Cohen
Date of Release: 2019-04-13
Notes: 850,000 people in the UK are living with dementia.
For those in the early stages of the disease, staying independent is paramount.
A full-time carer could help but it’s not affordable for the majority.

My Carer is the result of data collected from research and co-design supported by Alzheimer’s Society.

The skill helps people living with early-stage dementia to follow their daily routine and stay independent. It helps them follow instructions step-by-step until they accomplish any daily task, like taking the medication, or preparing their lunch.
My Carer aims to be the most affordable and accessible digital tool against dementia.
Digital Strategist: Cedrine Streit
Developer: Arend Koopmans, Jetse Koopmans - Skilled.app
UX Designer: Hasher Marouf - Skilled.app
Production Company: MRM//McCann - Frankfurt; Skilled.app
Art Director: Juan Peirano
Copywriter: Hetu Negri
Other Credits: Chief Digital Officer - Jon Carney, McCann Europe
Other Credits: Digital Director - Mike Cooper, McCann Europe
Other Credits: Director Creative Technology - Mark Hollering, MRM//McCann, Frankfurt
Other Credits: Lead Architecture - Michael Malinsky, Skilled.app
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