11: BRAND PURPOSE (Brand Activism)

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Choose love over hate - Skapto

Choose love over hate - Skapto - Burgers


Title of Entry: Choose love over hate
Brand: Skapto
Product/Service: Burgers
Client: Skapto
Entrant Company: proof.
Creative Agency: proof.
Creative Director: Angel Iskrev
Copywriter: Tsvetoslav Tsonev — Tsuro
Sector: N/A
Date of Release: 2019-06-01
Notes: Skapto is a small burger restaurant in Sofia, Bulgaria. The brand believes in three things: beers, burgers and buddies. No exceptions. In 2018 we supported the Sofia Pride Parade and received a heavy attack of negative conservative comments and low ratings. We weathered the storm by standing our ground and turned the tide of bad comments and ratings into positive and supportive ones. This year we crafted two burgers, almost identical. Almost identical, but not quite. One was wrapped with the love comments, people showed us last year; and another is wrapped in the hate* comments people sent our way.

The choice is symbolical. But isn't this the first step toward normalcy? This exact question spark a storm on our Social Media. The debates were massive for the whole month.
Other Credits: Client Service Director - Sava Ahmakov
Other Credits: Creative Lead - Maksim Stoimenov
Other Credits: Designer - Radoslav Panev
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