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Uber Eats Popos Kitchen - Uber Eats
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Uber Eats Popos Kitchen - Uber Eats - Uber Eats


Title of Entry: Uber Eats Popos Kitchen
Brand: Uber Eats
Product/Service: Uber Eats
Client: Uber
Entrant Company: geometry MENA
Creative Agency: geometry MENA
Creative Director: Mauricio Sanaiote, Fanny Lau
Art Director: Anastasia Simone, Carlos Bedoya, Shanice Cheung
Designer: Mauricio Sanaiote
Copywriter: Jay Lee, Tom Norton
Chief Creative Officer: Julian Hernandez
Sector: N/A
Account Executive: Michelle Ip, Jennifer Wong
Date of Release: 2019-01-29
Notes: Hong Kong is one the most densely populated cities in the world where people are subject to an ever increasing fast-paced lifestyle. We are witnessing a demand for convenience as people are hungrier for time.

Now in the new context of digital, it's easier for consumers to be immediate at the moment of inspiration. With apps like AirBnb, Skyscanner and a host of other apps, you have everything in the palm of your hands. There’s just one problem.  

In a market that’s mainly led by quick solutions and attractive promotions, aggregator platforms are fighting over market share through a battle of claims (price, promotions, speed). Brands are failing to establish an emotional connection, thus suffer from low brand affinity.

Uber Eats, an international food aggregator, needed to stand out in the market from the large pool of delivery platforms and turn into the preferred food solution amongst the busy youth.

Our approach was to reframe Uber Eats from being seen as a food aggregator and a delivery service to a champion of local food culture with a homemade touch.

Because there's no better way of reviving local traditional recipes than having it part of a service that is tailored to the busy youth.

We launched a virtual store exclusive on the Uber Eats by recruiting 27 Grandmothers to come and share their most awaited traditional meals.

We gave grandmas a role in the digital environment by connecting them to the youth and repositioning their homemade recipes.

Popo's Kitchen soon became the talk of the town. We were able to reframe Uber Eats as a patron of traditional cuisine that respects and preserves the homemade touch of local food culture.
Uber Eats had a new offering that no other platform had.

27 Grandmas had a renewed purpose through post-retirement employment

+15K shares on social media

58 recipes were re-introduced

+1.5HKD million in earned media
Other Credits: CEO Geometry MENA Nick Walsh
Other Credits: MD Geometry Hong Kong Anne Vanlaeys
Other Credits: Head Of Strategy Geometry MENA Elias W Bassil
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