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Castrol Care for Caretakers - Castrol - Castrol


Title of Entry: Castrol Care for Caretakers
Brand: Castrol
Product/Service: Castrol
Client: Castrol
Entrant Company: geometry MENA
Creative Agency: geometry MENA
Chief Creative Officer: Julian Hernandez
Creative Director: Tomas Lavagno
Art Director: Zubair Tahir
Copywriter: Tom Norton
Account Executive: Owais Faruq
Sector: N/A
Account Manager: Rola Al Badran ,Haifa Harfouche
Date of Release: 2020-04-14
Notes: The Challenge
Castrol wanted to show their support to the healthcare professionals to thank them for all their time and effort during the pandemic.However, in the past few months, many brands have been passively supporting frontliners through words of encouragement. So Castrol wanted to play an active role in an overlooked area of their daily lives.

The Insight
The UAE is home to the highest number of medical professionals per capita in the world with more than 80K staffs. In the past few months with the fight against COVID-19, their focus and time had completely been dedicated to saving lives. In turn, they have been delaying many personal errands. And one of the most important one that’s also their everyday ride to work was taking care of their car. 50% of frontline workers were delaying their regular car check-ups, fearful of exposure to contagion.

The Campaign Platform
So we used real-time sales data to identify the busiest mechanic workshops in the UAE. Then we cross-referenced this information with their proximity to hospitals, clinics and medical facilities.
Targeting Castrol’s frontline workers using social media, we invited them for safe car check-ups to Castrol’s “Hygiene Hubs”. With this, we created a new platform: ‘Cares for Caretakers’.

Traditional service centers were converted to 'Hygiene Hubs'. In these Hygiene hubs, the staff went through intensive sanitation and care trainings, medical staff vehicles were serviced and sanitized, and free car checkups were provided to help keeping their cars safe during these unpredictable times.

The Impact
After two weeks, more than 17,000 vehicles were serviced and sanitized, 50,000 were digitally trained in the region, in over 1,000 workshops. Reaching more than 30,000 doctors and health workers. The campaign received a total of 17 Million Social Media Views.
Editor: Zubair Tahir
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