18: CRAFT (Outstanding Special Effects (film/video))

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Kungfu Water - Trinity Healthy Dishwasher - Vatti MOV 1m:52s

Kungfu Water - Vatti
Trinity Healthy Dishwasher

Kungfu Water - Vatti - Trinity Healthy Dishwasher


Title of Entry: Kungfu Water
Brand: Vatti
Product/Service: Trinity Healthy Dishwasher
Client: Vatti / Trinity Healthy Dishwasher
Entrant Company: The Nine Shanghai
Creative Agency: The Nine Shanghai
Craft Leader(s): Jody Xiong
Role: Desiger
Chief Creative Officer: Jody Xiong
Art Director: Jody Xiong
Copywriter: Candy Chen
Account Executive: Cobe Liu
Date of Release: 2019-03-09
Director: Jody Xiong / Joo Teoh
Notes: Vatti's Trinity Healthy Dishwasher can wash away layers of dirt, they wanted us to create an interesting film to communicate with consumers. We created a virtual hero 'Water Man', to represent the cleansing power of water in Vatti dishwashers. We also created other holographic animals as symbols of leftover food and all kinds of stains on dishes. Through martial art movements, the 'Water Man' powerfully rinsed a fish, which later spat out a chicken. The chicken then spat out a bullfrog, which spat out a pig and the list goes on. At the end of the film, the 'Water Man' incarnated into a waterspout and unleashed its greatest power on an eel, and the eel spat out a clean white plate as the tagline 'Wash Away Layers of Dirt' faded in. With a sense of humor and exaggeration, the whole animation showed the powerful cleaning function of Vatti's dishwasher.
Sound Studio: Smile Studio
Other Credits: Vice President: Cobe Liu. Animated Director: Joo Teoh. Animation designers: Dai bin, Wu beibei, Li shaoxiang, Shang yin, Zhao haisheng, Li xiaoxian, Zheng kesi, Lian zhigao, Wang pan, Wu ming.
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