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Nestlé Nutrition Cart - Nestlé United For Healthier Kids
Nestlé United For Healthier Kids

Nestlé Nutrition Cart - Nestlé United For Healthier Kids - Nestlé United For Healthier Kids


Title of Entry: Nestlé Nutrition Cart
Brand: Nestlé United For Healthier Kids
Product/Service: Nestlé United For Healthier Kids
Client: Nestlé
Entrant Company: geometry MENA
Creative Agency: geometry MENA
Creative Director: Logan Allanson, Mauricio Sanaiote
Art Director: Anastasia Simone, Mauro Bisso, Maram Ashour, Tiago Bastos, Andre Marchesi
Designer: Zubair Tahir, Muhammad Omer, Sachi Eridiweera
Copywriter: Jay Lee, Nicolas Garcia, Maya El Kai, Aliza Siddiqi
Chief Creative Officer: Julian Hernandez
Sector: FOOD
Account Executive: Alaa Nour, Ishana Tolani, Katerina Bazalova
Account Manager: Owais Faruq, Rola Al Badran
Date of Release: 2019-04-01
Notes: The idea revolves around a physical interaction that happens in the online world and that proves that innovative experiences can be analog. Our nutrition cart was an idea created purely out of the purpose of being interacted with when in a shopping environment. Finally, the power of this solution is in how seamless and non-obstructive the activation existed in a retail environment.

Carrefour had relatively obsolete mini shopping carts for kids. Because there was no real reason for anyone to use them besides for the quirkiness associated with it. And by being mindful of our budget limitations, we decided to turn those forgotten carts into the solution. NUTRITION CART How we transformed a forgotten in-store item into a vehicle of healthy shopping for children. A kid’s trolley designed to reflect the balanced food requirements recommended for children in the UAE.

Historically, millions have been spent on ATL campaigns and educational programs related to healthy eating habits. But the obesity problem persisted, and we’ve seen how kids in this region are being affected. It’s often said healthy habits start at home. But we realized that good eating habits can start even earlier. Have you ever noticed how much influence kids have on purchase decisions in a supermarket? Pestering power is real, and parents always fall into that trap whenever their kids are shopping with them. After going through Carrefour’s shopper footprint report, we identified that over 45% of shopping missions happen in the presence of children. So before we teach kids how to eat healthy, we needed to teach them how to shop healthy. At the end of the day, you can’t prepare a balanced meal in the absence of balanced ingredients.

To maximize the impact, we mapped the entire shopping journey, rebranded all the aisles that make part of the healthy intake for children, and turned the shopping experience into a fun journey for our little shoppers. Working closely with Nestle's nutrition specialist, we crafted the perfect recommended intake for children and visualized it through a simple pouch design that fits in the mini carts. The nutrition cart became more than an in-store execution and was carried on as a healthy movement in schools and at home. Encouraging our future generations to make healthier choices at the moment where it mattered most.

Other Credits: CEO Geometry MENA Nick Walsh
Other Credits: Head of Srategy Elias W Bassil
Other Credits: Experiential Director Uli Stanke
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