18: CRAFT (Outstanding Sound Design (film/video))

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Frog ID - Australian Museum

Frog ID - Australian Museum -


Title of Entry: Frog ID
Brand: Australian Museum
Client: Australian Museum
Entrant Company: 303MullenLowe
Creative Agency: 303MullenLowe
Duration of Entry: 01:00
Craft Leader(s): Scott Huebscher
Role: Executive Creative Director
Chief Creative Officer: Scott Huebscher, Executive Creative Director
Art Director: Tom Johnson
Copywriter: Chris Berents
Sector: N/A
Production Company: Vandal
Producer: Michaela Fenton
Date of Release: 2019-11-04
Notes: The challenge was to bring attention to FrogID Week, and inspire the general public to download and use the FrogID app to record frog sounds all over Australia in order to help scientists track frog movements and monitor the health of Australian waterways. ‘Can you solve the mystery?’ was a fake movie trailer we created that used only the unique, unmodified calls of Australian frogs as the sound effects in the film.
Editor: Fraser Kelton
Sound Studio: Sonar Music
Sound Engineer: Tim Bridge
VFX Company: Darrin Hanley, Designer
URL Link (optional): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azqqXWymIjM
Other Credits: David Roberts, Senior Copywriter
Other Credits: Leila Cranswick, Art Director
Other Credits: Meredyth Judd - Head of Broadcast
Other Credits: Charlotte Doyle, Producer
Other Credits: Jonathon Bates & Kiely Decker, Senior Business Directors
Other Credits: Joshua Pearson, FX editor
Other Credits: Haylee Poppi, Producer
Other Credits: Sophie Haydon, Executive Producer
Other Credits: Daniel Pardy, Colorist
Other Credits: Kent Smith, Flame Artist
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