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Unquiet Voices - NGO - ANAIS JPG
Unquiet Voices - NGO - ANAIS JPG
Unquiet Voices - NGO - ANAIS JPG
Unquiet Voices - NGO - ANAIS MP4 2m:15s

Unquiet Voices - ANAIS

Unquiet Voices - ANAIS - NGO


Title of Entry: Unquiet Voices
Brand: ANAIS
Product/Service: NGO
Client: ANAIS Association
Entrant Company: Cheil Romania
Creative Agency: Cheil Romania
Duration of Entry: 40:00
Account Manager: Ileana Ghita
Creative Director: Ioana Zamfir
Digital Strategist: Paula Stan
Art Director: Roxana Nita
Copywriter: Adina Stanescu
Date of Release: 2019-03-08
Judging URL: http://www.roxananita.com/anais-unquiet-voices-case-study
Notes: Every 30 seconds, a woman in Romania experiences domestic violence. But only 1% of them ask for help because people are indifferent. Even silent movies have been hiding scenes of abuse under the mask of entertainment. On January 1st they lost their copyright, so ANAIS turned them into a new cinematographic product: Unquiet Voices. A 40-minute film in which 7 victims of domestic violence break the silence and give voice to abused characters in silent movies. Split in 7 chapters, each chapter features footage from a different movie, rearranged to match the victim’s story, then overlapped with the victim’s voice.
Support URL 1: https://unquietvoices.com/
Other Credits: Monica Garbur, Ioana Mischie
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