4: AMBIENT AND EXPERIENTIAL (Ambient campaign)

Castrol Wellness Hitchhikers - Castrol - Castrol JPG
Castrol Wellness Hitchhikers - Castrol - Castrol JPG
Castrol Wellness Hitchhikers - Castrol - Castrol MOV 2m:10s

Castrol Wellness Hitchhikers - Castrol

Castrol Wellness Hitchhikers - Castrol - Castrol


Title of Entry: Castrol Wellness Hitchhikers
Brand: Castrol
Product/Service: Castrol
Client: Castrol
Entrant Company: geometry MENA
Creative Agency: geometry MENA
Duration of Entry: 02:10
Creative Director: Tomas Lavagno
Art Director: David Pinilla
Copywriter: Sebastian Cuevas
Chief Creative Officer: Julian Hernandez
Sector: N/A
Account Executive: Owais Faruq
Account Manager: Rola Al Badran, Haifa Harfouche
Date of Release: 2020-07-20
Notes: In this campaign, we launched the biggest on-the-move media execution, spreading over thousands of kilometers. From Dammam to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Nutritionists, personal trainers, and doctors hitchhiked with truckers, all on a mission to help save their lives and encourage them to adopt healthier lifestyles.

Truckers in Saudi Arabia are often away from home for weeks at a time. As a result, loneliness is the top mental issue amongst them. They spend around 9 hours on the road per day, equivalent to 56 hours per week – impacting their daily life. The problem is that when they're on the job, their priority is about getting to a destination, rather than getting there safe and sound. So how could we reshuffle their priorities without standing in the way of their mission. We found out that hitchhiking was quite common on Highway 40. That became our entry point. Our strategy thus became: infiltrate the hitchhiking culture to educate drivers on how to take their health into their own hands.

We took over Highway 40, starting at Dammam, Saudi’s Arabia busiest port. For one month, we reached drivers on the most transited road in the country crossing over Dammam, Riyadh, and Jeddah. We took the traditional one-to-one brand ambassador approach to the next level. Turning all hitchhikers into Castrol Ambassadors helping us safeguarding drivers from the dangers they face at night and the consequences of not caring for their own well-being. Doctors. Personal Trainers. Nutritionists. Comedians. All there to hop on a ride and encourage truck drivers to adopt few behaviors that would improve their health. From stretching lessons to healthy cooking trainings.

In two months, we reached 10,000 drivers on the most transited highway in the country. 40,000 hours of human interaction. + 4 million kms completely awake. 7,500 wellness activities completed. As a consequence, accidents at night on that highway were reduced by 18%. We got truckers to reconsider health as part of the equation and adopt few changes that will boost their mental and physical wellbeing.
Other Credits: Creative Director Mauricio Sanaiote
Other Credits: Content Director Zubair Tahir
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