11: BRAND PURPOSE (Brand Activism)

Dasani Hidden Influencers - Dasani - Dasani JPG
Dasani Hidden Influencers - Dasani - Dasani JPG
Dasani Hidden Influencers - Dasani - Dasani MP4 2m:13s

Dasani Hidden Influencers - Dasani

Dasani Hidden Influencers - Dasani - Dasani


Title of Entry: Dasani Hidden Influencers
Brand: Dasani
Product/Service: Dasani
Client: Coca-Cola
Entrant Company: geometry MENA
Creative Agency: geometry MENA
Duration of Entry: 02:14
Judging URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ET76ICitwAU&t=1s
Title 1: Dasani Hidden Influencers - Case Film
Title 2: Sara Digital Doctor
Title 2 URL (Optional): https://www.facebook.com/dasanipk/videos/2203817616369718
Chief Creative Officer: Julian Hernandez
Creative Director: Tomas Lavagno
Art Director: Mauro Bisso
Copywriter: Tom Norton
Account Executive: Lucy Carroll
Production Company: Truffle Lebanon
Producer: Michel Abou Zeid
Date of Release: 2019-01-01
Director: Pablo Casacuberta
Notes: Dasani, a water brand owned by Coca-Cola, was looking to relaunch in Pakistan. The objective was to provide Dasani with a real point of difference to help it stand out within a highly commoditized category that is seen as a “sea” of sameness – water is water! Our task was to instill this point of difference and get consumers to buy-into the proposition with an integrated campaign that translated into market share of 10%.

Young Adults [25 – 35], Male and Female, mid to high-income urban settlers. We needed to find a role for Dasani that resonates with this audience, feel locally relevant and differentiate the brand in the category. In Pakistan, there’s a saying, “Qatra Qatra, Darya Banta Hai!” which means “each drop adds to the ocean”. In other words, every drop counts. We see this as a small act that can make a difference and drive others to follow, like a ripple effect. To launch the brand, our approach was to position the brand under the umbrella, Dasani & You. It invited our consumers to take an active role in adding a ‘drop’ to the real societal change being created by fearless women in society.

We launched with 6 online films, showcasing the women of change. Every online lm was linked to a platform allowing others to join the movement. Acts ranging from healthcare for women, encouraging girls to pursue science, educating street children through art and much more. Online, we took over billboards, in-store communication and botttle packaging to celebrate these women and gave our consumer sa clear path to contribution. The platform helped Dasani establish itself as sponsor for women driving positive change. Giving them a unique place in the hearts of our consumers that translated delivered on the boom line.
Editing Company: Deja Vu
Sound Studio: Deja Vu
Music Company: DiscoAnimal Uruguay
Post Production Company: Deja Vu
Casting: Truffle Lebanonn
Other Credits: Content Director Zubair Tahir
Other Credits: Content Director Muhammad Omer
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