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Like the Night - Leica SL camera and M lenses - Leica JPG
Like the Night - Leica SL camera and M lenses - Leica MP4 2m:16s

Like the Night - Leica
Leica SL camera and M lenses

Like the Night - Leica - Leica SL camera and M lenses


Title of Entry: Like the Night
Brand: Leica
Product/Service: Leica SL camera and M lenses
Client: Jason Heward, MD of Leica UK
Entrant Company: Paddington Pictures Ltd
Creative Agency: Paddington Pictures Ltd
Duration of Entry: 02:07
Craft Leader(s): Barney Cokeliss
Role: Director / Cinematographer
Creative Director: Barney Cokeliss
Sector: N/A
Production Company: Paddington Pictures Ltd
Producer: Barney Cokeliss
Date of Release: 2019-10-16
Director: Barney Cokeliss
DOP: Barney Cokeliss, Philippe Kress
Notes: A UK cinema commercial, made ambitiously on a small budget for an open-minded client, to showcase the low-light capabilities of the Leica SL camera and M lenses in a cinematic way.

It's an evocative nocturnal journey, set to Byron’s poem ‘She Walks in Beauty Like the Night’.

The story is told through the eyes of seven female photographers in different cities and landscapes as they each move through the night, capturing the unexpected worlds that come alive after dark where they are.

The film draws on Leica's long history as a brand associated with street photography. Leica invented the 35mm still format, which allowed for smaller, hand-held cameras that could be used unobtrusively out in the world.

The film interprets “She Walks” as applying to the journeying of the female street photographers, and interprets the “beauty” of night-time inclusively – to include the sad, the sinister, the suggestive, the confrontational.

Shot around the globe in Berlin, Bucharest, New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Paris, Lesotho and Johannesburg, the scenes in the film range from mountain landscapes to city life, from glimpses of crime to moments of romance.

The film gathers pace and builds more and more tension, culminating in a Blood Moon and engaging the viewer directly, asking: What will you see in the dark?

The spoken words the famous 1814 poem by Lord Byron - "She Walks In Beauty Like The Night', which was written to describe a darkly beautiful woman.

This film reverses the direction of the gaze and makes the female photographers it define the visual perspective, while the beauty that they walk in is the mysterious dark beauty of the night.
Editing Company: Stitch Editing
Editor: Ben Corfield
Sound Studio: Jungle
Sound Engineer: Ben Leeves
VFX Company: Glassworks
Music Company: Anné Kulonen
Post Production Company: Time-Based-Arts / Glassworks
URL Link (optional): https://shots.net/news/view/leica-and-cokeliss-take-a-shot-in-the-dark
Other Credits: Colourist - Simone Grattarola, Myles Bevan
Other Credits: VFX Lead Artist: Duncan Malcolm
Other Credits: Service Producers: Barbara Kranz, Frank Hasselbach, Tony Harding, Alex Molea, Caroline Crowther
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