16: DIGITAL DESIGN (User journey)

Chatbot with 'tude - DDB & Tribal Vietnam's Chabot - DDB & Tribal Vietnam JPG
Chatbot with 'tude - DDB & Tribal Vietnam's Chabot - DDB & Tribal Vietnam MP4 1m:53s

Chatbot with 'tude - DDB & Tribal Vietnam
DDB & Tribal Vietnam's Chabot

Chatbot with 'tude - DDB & Tribal Vietnam - DDB & Tribal Vietnam's Chabot


Title of Entry: Chatbot with 'tude
Brand: DDB & Tribal Vietnam
Product/Service: DDB & Tribal Vietnam's Chabot
Client: DDB & Tribal VIetnam
Entrant Company: DDB & Tribal Vietnam
Creative Agency: DDB & Tribal Vietnam
Judging URL: https://vimeo.com/437449542
Live site URL: https://www.ddbtribal.vn/
Sector: N/A
Support URL: https://vimeo.com/437449542
Chief Creative Officer: Nick Gordon
Creative Director: Sid Nair, Victor Fontan
Date of Release: 2020-02-01
Notes: Background:
Over 1,774, 514, 326 websites are launched every day. And most of them are...yawn. We wanted to create an official website for DDB & Tribal Vietnam. But we didn't want our website to be just another boring portfolio reel like all the other agencies. So we thought to ourselves, how can we cut through the crowd and differentiate from the rest?

Introducing the chatbot with 'tude - a fully-interactive website that reflects DDB & Tribal Vietnam's personality, thinking and culture. This chatbot promised to do it well, so we gave it the job. Here are a few words from our chatbot: "I am blue by morning. Green by noon. And grey by night. What am I? Ahem! I’m DDB & Tribal Vietnam’s new chatbot. Sure, I can do a lot more than just change background colours. I can show you our work, connect you to our social media pages and put you in touch with our Managing Director. Yeah, I have a lot of power in my hands. Speaking of arms, I don’t have any. But I am armed with a lot of pickup lines. Looks like I'm free today. Keep me company at ddbtribal.vn?". We launched the website with posters playfully demonstrating why we hired the chatbot.

Our Chatbot got people going yak, yak, yak, yak. We were instantly covered by leading global and regional editorials. We got a huge boost in the number of potential candidates. And yes, they referenced our irreverent website as one of the main reasons why they wanted to work at DDB & Tribal Vietnam.

Total Viewers: You’re next
People Offended: We didn’t dare to ask
Amused Guests: Countless brave ones
New job Applications: +100 in a month (4 hired)
Art Director: Viet Anh, Victor Fontan
Copywriter: Nick Gordon, Sid Nair
Other Credits: Chairman: Walter Blocker
Other Credits: Director: Doan Phuong Ly
Other Credits: Backend: Duc Nguyen
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