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The World's Tallest Donations Box - 10 Millions Meals - The Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives JPG

The World's Tallest Donations Box - The Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives
10 Millions Meals

The World's Tallest Donations Box - The Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives - 10 Millions Meals


Title of Entry: The World's Tallest Donations Box
Brand: The Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives
Product/Service: 10 Millions Meals
Client: The Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives
Entrant Company: MullenLowe MENA FZ LLC + The Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives
Creative Agency: MullenLowe MENA FZ LLC
Judging URL: https://www.tallestdonationbox.com
Live site URL: https://www.tallestdonationbox.com
Support URL: https://www.tallestdonationbox.com
Account Manager: Amina El Ashry, Rami Ghanem, Matthew Butterworth.
Creative Director: Paul Banham, Khaled AlShehhi, Prerna Mehra.
Date of Release: 2020-05-03
Digital Producer: The Confessional, Dejá Vu, Calm Ray.
Notes: In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic when millions were losing their jobs, those that needed our help most were forgotten and left alone to suffer. As charitable donations plummeted on a global scale, the billions that would normally have been donated to the needy; had simply dried up and millions were unable to receive the support they required to live. In the UAE, those most affected by this backlash were the hundreds of thousands of low-wage workers, whose income is vital in putting food on the table for themselves and their families.

We answered an ordinary food donation brief from an NGO, where our challenge became to encourage donations at a time where charity had never been closer to home. The reality was that the world had stopped donating. We created a unique donation mechanic, unlike anything seen before, with an objective to capture people’s attention and, ultimately, turn a charitable cause into worldwide entertainment.

‘The World’s Tallest Donation Box’ invited the public to illuminate all 1.2 LEDs on the world’s tallest building for as little as AED 10 (USD 3) each. Donors were driven to the website that displayed the 1.2 million pixels for sale, each represented a light and a meal. The site’s back-end pushed updates to the Burj Khalifa’s display servers in real-time, which lit the building’s lights for the world to see. By illuminating all1.2 million lights, the initiative aimed to bring hope into lives of 1.2 million people, unsure of where their next meal was coming from.

The campaign was expected to reach its target within 1 month of launching. It took just 7 days before all 1.2 million lights were sold, thanks to the generous donations from people of 115 nations in addition to many global brands. What started as a tall ask, quickly became a shining example of human generosity and kindness with USD 3.3 million raised in food aid and just over 1.2 million meals donated. The World’s Tallest Donation Box was covered over 550 times by news outlets, worldwide, and reached a staggering 4.3 billion people.

Digital Strategist: Paul Banham
Developer: Harsh Ashtekar, Technical Lead, Calm Ray. Jon Joseph, Client Director, Calm Ray. Damien Courage, UX Designer, The Confessional. Perry Cooper, Motion Designer, The Confessional. Jay Booth, Project Manager, The Confessional. Déjà vu
Designer: Damien Courage, The Confessional.
UX Designer: Damien Courage, The Confessional.
Production Company: The Confessional, Calm Ray.
Art Director: Paul Banham, Zaheer Abbas, Prerna Mehra
Copywriter: Greg Brown
Other Credits: Executive Creative Director: Paul Banham
Other Credits: Brand Representatives: Brand Representative Khaled AlShehhi, Latifa Almaarzooqi, Ghaya AlBannay, Sherouk Maher, Ahmed Sari, Suhail Baha.
Other Credits: Creative Services Director: Mounir Mohammed
Other Credits: Video Editor: Mohammed Jawad
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