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Dear Neighbor - Bose

Dear Neighbor - Bose - Headphones


Title of Entry: Dear Neighbor
Brand: Bose
Product/Service: Headphones
Client: Taha Hameeduddin, Marissa Curcuru
Entrant Company: Wunderman Thompson Dubai
Creative Agency: Wunderman Thompson Dubai
Duration of Entry: 00:59
Chief Creative Officer: Executive Creative Director: Pablo Maldonado
Account Executive: Senior Account Executive: Haya Jaouni
Account Manager: Senior Account Director: Irmak Aktas
Date of Release: 2020-05-11
Digital Producer: Producer: Guilherme Biglia
Notes: With the today’s unpreceded times where people around the world are forced to practice social distancing and stay home, we wanted to lift people’s spirits and keep them being positive with a unique piece of communication. Meanwhile many brands are struggling to stay relevant, creating content that sometimes doesn't sound very different from the rest.

From our own experience working from home, we realized that in a funny way we were getting to know our neighbors more than ever. Not by interacting with them, but by hearing their daily routine through walls. It was this realization which inspired us to come up with our idea. Normally, hearing your neighbor playing the accordion early in the morning or using their blender all day would be frustrating. But in times like these, it’s become a reassuring and even welcome sound, knowing that your neighbors are safe as they carry on with their daily routines.

We created a story which takes the form of a kind of letter from one man stuck at home to his neighbors who are also stuck at home. A story which shows how even though they aren’t meeting physically, he is getting to know them better than ever through the sounds of their noisy and annoying daily routines.

The film uses #StayNoisy as a call to action reminding people to stay home and stay positive as we get through these tough times together.

The production of this film was a massive challenge as we had to adhere to WHO guidelines and used no stock footage whatsoever in its creation. The scenes were shot using real people in their actual homes, filmed from outside their windows in Sweden, Italy, France, USA and Brazil.
Digital Strategist: Art Director: Camila Kogut
Designer: Director: Thiago Prestes
UX Designer: Music & Sound: Vox Haus
Production Company: Asteroide
Art Director: Senior Art Director: Saymon Souza Medeiros
Copywriter: Senior Copywriter: Waleed Bachnak
Other Credits: Head of Strategy: Alvaro Bretel
Other Credits: Motion Designer: Soheil Magdi, Valerie Pinto
Other Credits: Client: Taha Hameeduddin, Marissa Curcuru
Other Credits: Editor: Thiago Prestes
Other Credits: Post: Julio Modesti
Other Credits: Grading: Tiago Gavassi
Other Credits: Drone: Everton Isidro
Other Credits: DOP: Leonardo Silva
Other Credits: CEO MENA: Nassib Boueri
Other Credits: General Manager: Faysal Abdul Malak
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