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Your Plastic Diet - WWF
Reducing plastic consumption

Your Plastic Diet - WWF - Reducing plastic consumption


Title of Entry: Your Plastic Diet
Brand: WWF
Product/Service: Reducing plastic consumption
Client: WWF
Entrant Company: Grey Malaysia
Creative Agency: Grey Malaysia
Duration of Entry: 2m:ss
Chief Creative Officer: Graham Drew
Creative Director: Heng Thang Wei
Art Director: Kevin Wong
Copywriter: Selva Genapathy
Production Company: MFX
Producer: Suzy Chaing
Date of Release: 2020-06-13
Director: Ralve Khor
Notes: We all know plastic is a problem - but what can we do? Today, there are no limits on plastic production. The only way to stop plastic is a globally binding treaty, the only way to do that is to lobby governments, all of them.

Plastic is choking our planet to death. It’s dumped in the environment all across the planet. it’s washing up on shores in the Canadian peninsula all the way to Goa’s beaches on the west of India. It’s also killing our iconic wildlife, from whales to turtles and also millions of our seabirds.

but we all know this already, we've got used to it. We've stopped acting.

To launch this campaign we conducted a 6 month study to quantify the quantity of plastic that HUMANS consume. It turns out, 100,000 microplastics a year - campaign, we’re all eating an average of 5 grams of plastic every week. It’s the equivalent of ingesting a credit card.

We took abstract scientific data and quantified it. Visualising it into a singular, universally understood and compelling fact that became an irresistible call to action - you eat a credit card every week.

By transforming an environmental crisis into a personal one, Plastic Diet created the largest and fastest public movement in WWF’s 60 year history. It pressured governments around the world to commit to a treaty on plastic. It's creating a platform for the first vital steps to systemic change the world desperately needs.

Editing Company: MFX
VFX Company: MFX
URL Link (optional): http://www.yourplasticdiet.org
Other Credits: MARCUS SK
Other Credits: MATT SIMMS
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