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Hidden in Plain Sight - Ford
Mustang Mach-E

Hidden in Plain Sight - Ford - Mustang Mach-E


Title of Entry: Hidden in Plain Sight
Brand: Ford
Product/Service: Mustang Mach-E
Client: Ford
Entrant Company: BBDO New York
Creative Agency: BBDO New York
Judging URL: https://youtu.be/X3HYvd9RXhs
Title 1: Case Film
Title 2: No longer live -
Title 2 URL (Optional): https://www.instagram.com/p/B4_Ym9qn3AS/
Date of Release: 2019-11-14
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars (BBDO Worldwide), Greg Hahn (BBDO NY)
Notes: Positioning our strategy as “the one you didn’t see coming” we created an experience that generated a sense of mystery and surprise.

A secret event held deep inside a Ford landmark building in downtown Detroit was our canvas for influencers. The venue was a stunning backdrop for our select group to post gripping imagery to tease followers who clamored for more.

Light painting artist SOLA created dynamic light painting portraits that influencers snapped themselves in front of. The result was a puzzle of light we challenged the Internet to decode, with publications like Cool Hunting and CNET picking up on the solution: the first glimpse of the vehicle.

Then, we created a thumb-stopping double take by hiding the vehicle in social posts before anyone was supposed to see it. Finally, our influencers all revealed the vehicle on 11/17, helping drive over 4 million people to the live premiere.

Our efforts were designed to subvert all the typical automotive reveal tropes. No one expected this from Ford. And it paid off. 54+ million influencer impressions. The Mustang Mach-E First Edition sold out in a week. And buzz generated nearly 2 billion impressions globally.
Account Executive: Joe DiMeglio – North America Business Lead, Liz Boone – Business Lead
Account Manager: Cara Duffy – Account Director
Creative Director: Lauren Connolly (Global Executive Creative Director), Tom Markham (ECD), Rob Kurfehs/ Damjan Pita/ Roberto Danino
Designer: Bryan Sarmiento (Motion Designer), Jay Roeder
Production Company: Unit 9
Art Director: Martin Staaf/ Freddy Orlando/ Jesse Rae (ACD/ AD)
Copywriter: Bryan Lark (ACD/ CW)
Other Credits: Adrienne Katz (Executive Experiential Producer)
Other Credits: Jay Chen (Content Producer)
Other Credits: Erin Breen (Art Producer)
Other Credits: Dena Walker/ Julie Naidu (Planning Team)
Other Credits: Creative Director: James Medcraft
Other Credits: Head of Production: Mindy Lubert
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