7: BRAND ENTERTAINMENT (Branded film/video (fiction))

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Daily Mind-twisting Exercise - CITY CAFE - 7-ELEVEN Taiwan MP4 2m:50s

Daily Mind-twisting Exercise - 7-ELEVEN Taiwan

Daily Mind-twisting Exercise - 7-ELEVEN Taiwan - CITY CAFE


Title of Entry: Daily Mind-twisting Exercise
Brand: 7-ELEVEN Taiwan
Product/Service: CITY CAFE
Client: 7-ELEVEN Taiwan
Entrant Company: ADK TAIWAN
Creative Agency: ADK TAIWAN
Duration of Entry: 02:50
Chief Creative Officer: Richard Yu
Creative Director: Christine Yu
Art Director: Richard Yu, Em Chen
Copywriter: Christine Yu, Sean Li
Account Executive: Nancy Chen
Account Manager: Yuchun Chung, Huge Lin
Production Company: BLUE MOON FILMS
Producer: Toyota Shao
Date of Release: 2020-05-29
Director: Ken Huang
Notes: 7-ELEVEN CITY CAFE, being a leading brand in Taiwan brewed-coffee market for years. But in recent years, the brewed-coffee market has reached mature and saturated with various competitors. Although the brand still stands its advantage with distribution and awareness, the consumer feels it lacks a sense of newness.

Therefore, they want to find out a solution to increase the sales of its iconic coffee product, especially aims the major seasonal (summer and winter) marketing period. This time, CITY CAFE launches the extra-large iced coffee series this season. Except for larger capacity, the series is no different from takeaway coffee that consumers are used to buying every day. Therefore, we need to create reasons to attract consumers to purchase extra-large iced coffee.

The difficulties that are solved in the "extra hard" in the workplace life correspond to the "extra-large" capacity of the product so that the product can be transformed into a recipe for reducing heat and anxiety, and continue to strengthen the brand culture, CITY CAFE empathy for office workers.

The workplace is turned into an examination room and every office worker has to face his/her life questions, which is highly connected with the lives of office workers.
Different flavors of iced coffee symbolize different formulas for the daily mind-twisting questions.
Americano = real cool, removing unnecessity
Cafe Latte = balance of different plans
Sicily Lemon Coffee = symbiosis between sweets and sour
CITY CAFE is with consumers, solving problems together every day.

- One month after releasing online, there are more than 1.6 million viewers in Taiwan seeing the video.
- The comparison between the workplace and the examination room successfully attracts people. People are resonated, leaving over 500 comments on the video.
- Sales performance exceeds the client’s target by 110%.

Cultural Context: Taiwan's climate is subtropical and the summer is very hot. Educational entrance examinations are a collective memory of Taiwanese across generations. Orderly seats, test papers, and the heat in examination rooms can easily awaken the anxiety in the memories, linking with the daily problems of office workers. People are so resonated that they realize lives are full of questions and trials, feeling like they never leave the examination room.
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