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Moonments - Wechat+The Great Wall

Moonments - Wechat+The Great Wall - Wechat


Title of Entry: Moonments
Brand: Wechat+The Great Wall
Product/Service: Wechat
Client: Tencent
Entrant Company: Tencent
Creative Agency: Stink Studios
Judging URL: http://vmore.cn/mprworks/moon/
Sector: N/A
Support URL: http://vmore.cn/mprworks/moon/
Chief Creative Officer: Akae wang
Account Executive: Tao Yu
Account Manager: Yuan Hong
Date of Release: 2019-09-13
Digital Producer: Katherine Lee
Notes: The moon festival is one of the most important holidays in Chinese culture, celebrating being together with family and friends. Tencent Cloud took this opportunity to create a mixed reality campaign aimed at symbolising the strong power of Chinese culture, called “Moonments”. Tencent Cloud enabled users across the globe to connect with each other by searching for the moon in the sky using their mobile phone and then transported users to one of the Great Wall Passes, directly from their location in the real world through Wechat.
Digital Strategist: Roy Zhang
Developer: Ethan Chiu
Designer: Addie Hao
UX Designer: Linken Lin
Production Company: Stink Studios
Art Director: Nando Correa
Copywriter: Zita Zou
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