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The Turtle - The Hindu
Publication - The Hindu - English Newspaper

The Turtle - The Hindu - Publication - The Hindu - English Newspaper


Title of Entry: The Turtle
Brand: The Hindu
Product/Service: Publication - The Hindu - English Newspaper
Client: The Hindu Group
Entrant Company: The Hindu Group
Creative Agency: Ogilvy, Bangalore
Craft Leader(s): Nikhil Narayanan
Role: Copywriter
Creative Director: Sharat Kuttikat
Art Director: Vidyanath PA
Copywriter: Nikhil Narayanan
Chief Creative Officer: Mahesh Gharat
Sector: N/A
Account Executive: Shreyas Upadhyay
Account Manager: Mahesh Menon
Date of Release: 2020-03-03
Notes: The Hindu is one of the most respected English Dailies in India due to its fearless brand of journalism, strong legacy and the benchmark it has set with the language. The Hindu has never shied away from voicing its opinion across topics those are politically and socially sensitive. Therefore, when The Hindu came up with the requirement of releasing a hard-hitting social message, a long copy ad seemed the appropriate thing to do.

The Hindu, being based out of the coastal city of Chennai, has always held marine life close to its heart. The group organises several activities towards conservation of marine life – especially the sea turtle. As the turtle is one of the species that falls in the World Wildlife Fund’s endangered list, The Hindu wanted to release an ad on World Wildlife Day highlighting the issue. This was the result.
Other Credits: Sonal Dabral
Other Credits: Kiran Anthony
Other Credits: Kainaz Karmakar
Other Credits: Harshad Rajadhyaksha
Other Credits: Sukesh Nayak
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