18: CRAFT (Outstanding Scriptwriting (film/video))

Just Alright - Flying - JetBlue JPG
Just Alright - Flying - JetBlue MOV 1m:08s

Just Alright - JetBlue

Just Alright - JetBlue - Flying


Title of Entry: Just Alright
Brand: JetBlue
Product/Service: Flying
Client: JetBlue
Entrant Company: Ruffian
Creative Agency: Ruffian
Duration of Entry: 01:09
Craft Leader(s): Tim Bullock
Chief Creative Officer: Tim Vaccarino / Dave Weist
Creative Director: Ben Salsky/ Myles Allpress
Art Director: Ian Todd
Account Executive: Bayla Werman
Sector: 38279
Account Manager: Amy Keddy
Production Company: Ruffian
Producer: Nick Landon
Date of Release: 2019-08-11
Director: Tim Bullock
DOP: Adam Kimmel
Editing Company: Exile
Editor: Grant Surmi
VFX Company: MPC
URL Link (optional): https://slt.re/2e35f