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German Cancer Aid "Spectrum - The world’s most dangerous artwork." - German Cancer Aid
Spectrum - The world’s most dangerous artwork.

German Cancer Aid


Title of Entry: German Cancer Aid "Spectrum - The world’s most dangerous artwork."
Brand: German Cancer Aid
Product/Service: Spectrum - The world’s most dangerous artwork.
Client: German Cancer Aid
Entrant Company: HEIMAT, Berlin
Creative Agency: HEIMAT, Berlin
Creative Director: Tom Hauser
Art Director: Christian Lotz
Copywriter: Fabian Frauenderka
Chief Creative Officer: Matthias Storath, Guido Heffels
Account Manager: Sophia Uhlich, Claudia Mauthner
Date of Release: 2020-01-22
Photographer: Dennis Schnieber
Notes: 12,8 million people visit a solarium each year. The result: 3.400 cases of black skincancer. Because of this the Deutsche Krebshilfe wants to ban solariums by law. To raise awareness for the topic we built Spectrum. The most dangerous piece of art in the world.
Constructed from real UV-tubes and so dangerous that everyone has to wear protective clothing to worship the deadly sun. The official UV-scale ends at 11. Spektrum is at 15. The exhibits opening day also included a press conference. Spectrum went viral and enflamed a public debate about a solarium ban in Germany.
URL Link (optional): https://www.facebook.com/deutschekrebshilfe/videos/2571004943135719/
Other Credits: Co-Agency: Intermate Media GmbH
Other Credits: Co-Agency: Achtung! GmbH
Other Credits: Artists: Low Bros
Other Credits: Construction Team: Croft UG
Other Credits: Cinematographer: Claas de Buhr
Other Credits: Production Company: Liesel Filmproduktion GmbH
Other Credits: Producer: Julian von Hopfgarten
Other Credits: Editor: Vladimir Krug
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