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German Federal Association of Funeral Directors "My Coffin" - My Coffin
My Coffin

German Federal Association of Funeral Directors


Title of Entry: German Federal Association of Funeral Directors "My Coffin"
Brand: My Coffin
Product/Service: My Coffin
Client: German Federal Association of Funeral Directors
Entrant Company: HEIMAT, Berlin
Creative Agency: HEIMAT, Berlin
Judging URL: https://www.instagram.com/mypersonalcoffin/
Chief Creative Officer: Matthias Storath, Guido Heffels
Account Manager: Judith Schenk, Fabienne Prochnow, Tobias Friedrich, Kai Flögel
Creative Director: Matthias Storath, Johan Kramer, Tom Hauser
Date of Release: 2019-04-03
Notes: Fashion, sneakers, tattoos: As a society, we openly deal with pretty much everything using unique expression to support our strong opinions. Only when it comes to mortality, fear and uncertainty spread. Death is still a taboo in our society.
Together we want to transform the status quo and promote a new progressive approach to understanding, dealing with and talking about death.

For My Coffin, upcoming artists created unique coffins for famous German influencers. The coffins act as a catalyst for friction and ultimately discourse, especially in social media. Turning the coffin from a symbol of fear into a unique piece of art and make it "instagramable".

62% of Germans say death is life's biggest catastrophe. But only 32% want to think or talk about it. Germans do not mourn properly anymore. Death is anonym and not part of the society anymore. Death is a taboo.
Key Message: Let us face death and talk openly about it. Aim is to reduce fear and to give hope to those who lost someone.
Target audience: our aim was to reach the general public with a focus on a younger audience (up to 35 years old), who did not get in touch with decease and death yet.
Production Company: HEIMAT, Berlin
Art Director: Johanna Schmidt, Ursel Barwinski, Benedikt Wiesbauer
Copywriter: Lisa Reissner, Demiris Samartzidis
Other Credits: Art Buying: Franziska Moeck
Other Credits: Social Media Manager: Julius Korn
Other Credits: Photography: Delia Baum (Delia Baum)
Other Credits: Assistance Photgraphy: Kathrin Leisch (Kathrin Leisch)
Other Credits: Sound Production Company: TRO GmbH
Other Credits: Sound Producer: Markus Steffen (TRO GmbH)
Other Credits: Music Producer: Alexis Papadimitriou (TRO GmbH)
Other Credits: Audio Engineer: Rafael Bratfisch Santiago (Hastings Music)
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