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Patrol Flippable Ad - Nissan Patrol
Nissan Patrol

Patrol Flippable Ad - Nissan Patrol - Nissan Patrol


Title of Entry: Patrol Flippable Ad
Brand: Nissan Patrol
Product/Service: Nissan Patrol
Client: Nissan Middle East
Entrant Company: TBWA\RAAD
Creative Agency: TBWA\RAAD
Judging URL: https://bit.ly/36awRrW
Sector: N/A
Chief Creative Officer: Walid Kanaan
Account Manager: Nour Dalle
Date of Release: 2020-02-06
Notes: To say the Patrol is an important model for Nissan is an understatement. Very simply, Nissan
Middle East lives and dies by this legendary model. In 2019, Nissan launched the 6th generation
Patrol. This marked the first significant change to the model since 2013. It was the first time in a
long time there was any new news to talk about when it came to Patrol. The Nissan Patrol has
always been known for its dune bashing heritage, however the new 2020 Nissan Patrol was a
serious upgrade. Not only did it maintain it’s rough and rugged heritage, but it added a newly
designed luxury interior, advanced infotainment features, and intelligent safety features. We
needed to highlight this duality of the new Patrol in the most engaging way possible.

Patrol was always positioned as the bold, heroic, dune-bashing desert warrior. However, the new
2020 Nissan Patrol was the most luxurious and technologically advanced Patrol ever. It wasn’t only
a desert car anymore, but equally a refined city car. The launch of the 2020 Patrol needed to
highlight the duality of the new Patrol, protecting its desert heritage while highlighting its refined
luxury. This led us to our big creative idea, ‘Conquer Everywhere’ in the sense that drivers can
equally conquer the desert, as well as the city. According to the Telecommunications Regulatory
Authority (TRA) the gulf region has one of the highest mobile phone penetration rates in the world
in addition to one of the highest times spent on mobile devices. (Source: YouGov) Our strategy was
to ‘conquer’ the mobile phone to present the duality of the Patrol in an engaging manner.

Mobile phones today are loaded with intuitive technologies that allows the user to have a truly
interactive experience. We keep rotating our phones to see media hundreds of times and this
simple realization led us to our idea of the first ever “flippable” car ad. A fun, engaging, and
distinctive way to show how the new Nissan Patrol seamlessly flips between the desert and city
worlds. To bring the idea to life we shot two identical videos, one showing the desert prowess &
the other showing urban luxury, using the exact same camera angles & movements. Leveraging the
mobile phones gyroscope, you could flip your phone any point in time to see the Patrol conquering
the city or conquering the desert. The first ever Flippable car ad was launched on mobile website
interstitial formats and in-app advertisements, targeted to the adventure & prestige / luxury seeker
audience psychographic segments.

With the ‘flippable’ video our aim was to drive awareness of the Patrols duality in a highly
distinctive, engaging and entertaining way. The results proved that not only did it succeed in
achieving objectives but it also proved to be highly engaging for the audience: • Click Through
Rate – 214% higher than category benchmarks • Completion rate – 190% higher than average
benchmarks • On an average, users flipped 18 times during the 30 seconds ad! (Source: Media
Agency data)
Production Company: MEmob+
Art Director: Oswaldo Sa
Other Credits: Executive Creative Director: Manuel Borde, Bruno Bomediano
Other Credits: Associate Creative Director: Alex Pineda
Other Credits: Motion Designers: Camilo Rojas, Zeina Abuzaid
Other Credits: Head of Production: Rouba Asmar
Other Credits: Strategy: Remie Abdo, Bhaskar Bateja, Garrett Olexiuk
Other Credits: Account Director: Kevin Kurian
Other Credits: OMD: Digital Media Director: Lohitaskh Keswani - Media Manager: Hassan Abbas - Associate Director: Satrajit Duttagupta
Other Credits: Managing Director: Ghassan Kassabji
Other Credits: Media Agency: OMD
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