18: CRAFT (Outstanding Photography (any media))

Don't KFC and drive - KFC - KFC JPG
Don't KFC and drive - KFC - KFC JPG
Don't KFC and drive - KFC - KFC JPG
Don't KFC and drive - KFC - KFC JPG

Don't KFC and drive - KFC

Don't KFC and drive - KFC - KFC


Title of Entry: Don't KFC and drive
Brand: KFC
Product/Service: KFC
Client: KFC
Entrant Company: TBWA\RAAD
Creative Agency: TBWA\RAAD
Craft Leader(s): Bruno Bomediano
Role: Executive Creative Director
Art Director: Felipe Menezes
Designer: Rijin Kunnath
Copywriter: Sabine Haddad
Chief Creative Officer: Walid Kanaan
Sector: FOOD
Account Manager: Ashleigh Morgan
Date of Release: 2020-02-23
Photographer: Daniel Botezatu
Notes: Eating a piece of chicken or sipping on a coffee while driving is second nature to most drivers in
the UAE, who are used to spending hours stuck in traffic. However, the reality is that only a few
realise just how unsafe it can be. It has been proven that eating and drinking, just like doing your
makeup or texting, is one of the most common forms of how people get distracted while driving. It
presents a huge safety risks to the drivers and others. UAE drivers caught eating while driving now
run the risk of ending up with a fine up to AED 1000, and having 12 black points added to their
record. So even if you think you can’t resist the delicious smell and taste of KFC, we recommend
you wait to be parked to enjoy it in safety!
Other Credits: Executive Creative Director: Manuel Borde, Bruno Bomediano
Other Credits: Associate Creative Director: Alberto Triana, Federico Mariani
Other Credits: Production: Rouba Asmar, Alia Fakha
Other Credits: Strategy: Remie Abdo, Maxime Menant
Other Credits: General Manager: Joe Lahham
Other Credits: Account Director: John Abiad
Other Credits: Media Agency: Hearts & Science
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