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The soap ad - Medpeople
recruitment company

The soap ad - Medpeople - recruitment company


Title of Entry: The soap ad
Brand: Medpeople
Product/Service: recruitment company
Client: Medpeople
Entrant Company: Le Bureau
Creative Agency: LE Bureau
Creative Director: Josephine Wallin Ankarstrand
Art Director: Victor Lindkvist
Designer: Mimmi Ericsson
Copywriter: Jakob Alledal
Sector: N/A
Account Executive: John Wernvik
Account Manager: Elisabeth Philipson
Illustrator: Agnes Wahlberg
Date of Release: 2020-06-01
Notes: Good hand hygiene is important to reduce the risk of being infected by the Coronavirus. However, studies showed that as many as 97% wash their hands incorrectly. That's something our client Medpeople, wanted to address. So we made an ad with a dual function. It's both informative, so you know how to wash your hands correctly and it's also made on soap paper, so that you could wash your hands with it.
Other Credits: Oskar Lundgren
Other Credits: John Müllersdorf
Other Credits: Ebba Lagercrantz
Other Credits: Kave Soultani
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