18: CRAFT (Outstanding Cinematography)

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DESIGNING TOKYO - Mori Building Co., Ltd.
Mori Building

DESIGNING TOKYO - Mori Building Co., Ltd. - Mori Building


Brand: Mori Building Co., Ltd.
Product/Service: Mori Building
Client: Mori Building Co., Ltd.
Entrant Company: DENTSU INC.
Creative Agency: DENTSU INC.
Duration of Entry: 02:05
Craft Leader(s): Senzo Ueno, Yuta Echigo
Sector: 45054
Date of Release: 2019-08-22
Notes: [Overview] Over the past 60 years, Japanese urban developer, Mori Building has always been viewing the bigger picture when creating the city of Tokyo. We made a brand film to present Mori Building’s philosophy: “Create a city, not a building”. The film reflects back on the evolution of Tokyo and tells the story of its future through vivid portrayals of Tokyo’s cityscape which the Mori Building built and flourished, the past towns’ culture, and iconic celebrities of past eras exactly as they were back then. The cityscape has been accurately recreated based on various data of newspapers, maps, blueprints, video footages, relevant literatures, and mannequins of that time. [Cultural Context] Every building that the Mori Building has developed was always in the front line. Throughout the video, the cities featured as iconic examples represent the themes below. People all over Japan admired the work which became a popular topic of conversation. 1956. Nishi Shimbashi 2 Mori Building – Mori Building’s origin 1978. Laforet HARAJUKU – The source of new trends and transmitting base *Paris Collection model: Sayoko Yamaguchi (28 years old then) made an appearance 1986. ARK Hills – a 24-hour city *Musician: Ryuichi Sakamoto (34 years old then) made an appearance 2003. Roppongi Hills – Tokyo’s new “Cultural City” *Pop artist: Takashi Murakami (41 years old then) made an appearance 2006. Omotesando Hills – A world through a unique scope “Cultural Commercial Facility” 2014. Toranomon Hills – International Level Business Center [Craft] We back-calculated and used motion control cameras and cranes to film scenes in a single flow and to convey a floating sensation. We've applied a slit-scan and other VFX on the last person to carry out a smooth transitioning. We also used glitch effects to portray an old dreamlike city. The glitch effects on the people were created through 3D scanning and touched up with 3D computer graphics. *YouTube: 2 million views *Twitter: 11 million views
Full Credits: Yuya Furukawa Executive Creative Director DENTSU INC. Kaoru Sugano Creative Director DENTSU INC. Muneyuki Fujimoto Copywriter DENTSU INC. Ryosuke Miyashita Art Director DENTSU INC. Kazuyoshi Ochi Planner DENTSU INC. Ryosuke Sone Planner DENTSU INC. Kazunari Kondo Account Director DENTSU INC. Azuma Ishikawa Account Director DENTSU INC. Kumiko Midorikawa Account Executive DENTSU INC. Kenichi Sato Account Executive DENTSU INC. Reona Obinata Account Executive DENTSU INC. Shunsuke Kagoshima Media Planning Director DENTSU INC. Mayumi Yamaguchi Agency Producer DENTSU CREATIVE FORCE INC. Maika Morimoto PR Director Platinum, Inc. Mikoto Nishioka Media Relations Platinum, Inc. Ayuka Sasada Media Relations Platinum, Inc. Masafumi Fujioka Producer DENTSU CREATIVE X INC. Kazuhiro Hasumi Producer DENTSU CREATIVE X INC. Ryotaro Omori Production Manager DENTSU CREATIVE X INC. Sojiro Kamatani Director Freelance Senzo Ueno Cinematographer Freelance Yuta Echigo Cinematographer Freelance Keisuke Ikeda Gaffer Freelance Masachio Nishida Gaffer Freelance Yuichi Ishida Production Designer Freelance Yasuhiro Takehisa Stylist Freelance Tomoko Sato Hair Stylist mod's hair AGENCY Nao Yoshida Makeup Freelance Hiroyuki Nakamura Casting Director Freelance Shinji Tsuchiya Post Producer JITTO INC. Miyako Sakamaki Online Editor JITTO INC. Yoshifumi Hashimoto Online Editor JITTO INC. Kentaro Kawamoto Online Editor JITTO INC. Daisuke Miyako Online Editor Freelance Takayuki Tochizawa Offline Editor L'ESPACE VISION Benjamin Conkey Colorist Freelance Ryosuke Harashima Retoucher DENTSU CREATIVE X INC. Fumihiro Kanda Special Effects Makeup MAKE-UP DIMENSIONS,inc. Tokihiko Tsukamoto Special Effects Producer JITTO INC. Yoshifumi Sadahara Special Effects Producer MARK INC. Hiyoshi Mamada Special Effects Producer OMNIBUS JAPAN INC. Naoki Takano Visual Effects Director JITTO INC. Munetsune Inudo Visual Effects Director MARK INC. Aritsune Kawamura Visual Effects Director OMNIBUS JAPAN INC. Hiroshi Kondo Motion Design Freelance Fumihiko Kamemura Technical Advisor Freelance Yasuhiko Kani 3D Scan Freelance Satoru Tokoi CG Technical Director JITTO INC. Katsuya Yamada Sound Studio Producer AIIN CO., LTD mabanua Music Composer Freelance Masayuki Sato Mixing Engineer Freelance Akihito Narita Sound Effects ONPa Kengo Kakudate Narrator YOGEE NEW WAVES
URL Link (optional): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pWJq36vxS0