15: CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY (Creative use of Data)

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Hunger Insurance - Snickers

Hunger Insurance - Snickers - Chocolate


Title of Entry: Hunger Insurance
Brand: Snickers
Product/Service: Chocolate
Client: Snickers
Entrant Company: Impact BBDO Dubai
Creative Agency: Impact BBDO Dubai
Judging URL: http://snickershungerinsurance.com
Chief Creative Officer: Paul Shearer
Account Executive: Salma Shahin, Emma Jane Randall, Frances McCabe, Bridget Weber
Creative Director: Jamie Kennaway
Date of Release: 2020-02-17
Notes: Snickers has been warning people about the consequences of hunger for many years. It's been constantly telling people, ‘you’re not you when you’re hungry’ and to grab a Snickers to prevent hunger blunders. But what can we do when people have already made mistakes due to hunger? We decided to evolve the global campaign from preventing hungry mistakes to actually doing something to solve them.

Snickers Hunger Insurance is the only insurance that covers you for the mistakes you make when you’re hungry. It’s the first insurance of its kind to cover the things that typical insurance does not, paying out in Snickers bars to prevent hunger blunders from happening again. Whether it’s something small like losing your keys or a bit more severe like forgetting an anniversary, as long as you can prove you were hungry at the time, you’ll receive a payout of free chocolate minus a small excess fee (equivalent to the price of one 50g SNICKERS® bar). Anyone who thought they made a blunder when they were hungry could come and make a claim. As long as it’s due to hunger, Snickers will cover it.

Just like any insurance, we kicked things off with an infomercial-style video, which asked people to make a claim for their hunger blunders. Testimonial films, social, audio ads and outdoor also drove our noble cause. To make a claim, people had to visit the website, speak to a chatbot, provide a few details of their hunger blunder, and receive a coupon for a payout of SNICKERS® bars redeemable at Circle K stores. We worked with underwriters to develop an algorithm to assess claims –factoring in things like time of day, mood, location, frequency and severity of the blunder. This data was fed into a bespoke AI chatbot which analyzed thousands of keywords linked to hundreds of hunger-related incidents. All factors added up to a unique payout amount for each individual claim. The bigger the blunder, the bigger the chocolate payout. From 2X all the way up to 50X SNICKERS.

The promo had a very direct and positive result not only for SNICKERS sales figures but also for brand health. SNICKERS also built a strong collaborative relationship with a key retail partner that would usually be uninterested in executing such equity building activities. 21% increase in foot traffic at retail outlets 18% increase in weekly sales during the campaign period 30% increase in brand association with hunger
Designer: Hyun Seo Yoo, Richard Gandiongco
Production Company: Impact BBDO Dubai / Proximity Dubai
Art Director: Hyun Seo Yoo
Copywriter: Jason Velasquez Burayag, Jamie Kennaway
Other Credits: Executive Creative Director: Ali Rez
Other Credits: Creative Services Director: Tennyson Torcato
Other Credits: Data Analyst: Varun Dhanak
Other Credits: Retoucher: George Kanj
Other Credits: Production Manager: Sajan Abraham
Other Credits: Director: Joris Bosdriesz
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