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Maurten Unofficial - Sports drink - Maurten MP4 1m:00s
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Maurten Unofficial - Sports drink - Maurten MP4 20s
Maurten Unofficial - Sports drink - Maurten MP4 20s

Maurten Unofficial - Maurten
Sports drink

Maurten Unofficial - Maurten - Sports drink


Title of Entry: Maurten Unofficial
Brand: Maurten
Product/Service: Sports drink
Client: Maurten
Entrant Company: Åkestam Holst NoA
Creative Agency: Åkestam Holst NoA
Creative Director: Magnus Jakobsson
Art Director: Hugo Wallmo & Andreas Karlsson
Copywriter: Petter Nylind & Noah Bramme
Account Manager: Nicole van Rooij
Production Company: Halal Amsterdam
Producer: Francine van der Lee & Job Sander
Date of Release: 2019-07-10
Director: Madja Amin
Notes: We created Maurten Unofficial. An un-branded product range designed for athletes sponsored by others, who wants to benefit from Maurtens hydrogel technology – without breaking contracts.

Maurten Unofficial has the same content as the official products, but comes in incognito packaging, mixed in bottles with pixelated logos and delivered in anonymized boxes ordered from an un-branded site.

A new product-range with a market of its own, also pushing the original product simply by highlighting the purpose of its own existence.

We launched the campaign with 4 films in social media, online tv and on YouTube. One hero 60 second film, and three 20 second versions following a swimmer, a runner and a cyclist.

It’s the usual montage of athletes training, working out and rehydrating, set against an inspirational voiceover about achievement. Combine that, however, with the trappings of a crime thriller.

Rather than the familiar faces of superstar athletes, all that’s visible above their necks is a pixelated mass, and like people in witness protection, their voices are distorted and deepened.

Why? In the end, a text over explains that it has come to the brands attention that “Many athletes are using our products, despite being officially sponsored by other brands”.

Followed by “This is for them” before revealing the pack-shot of the Maurten Unofficial product range, with the text “Un-branded products. For athletes sponsored by others.” and the url.
Other Credits: Planner: Karl Wikström
Other Credits: Agency Producer: Leila Widgren
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