11: BRAND PURPOSE (Brand Activism)

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The National Debate - Leffe - Leffe JPG
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The National Debate - Leffe

The National Debate - Leffe - Leffe


Title of Entry: The National Debate
Brand: Leffe
Product/Service: Leffe
Client: Leffe - AB Inbev
Entrant Company: BBDO Belgium
Creative Agency: BBDO Belgium
Duration of Entry: 02:00
Creative Director: Jan Dejonghe
Art Director: Ariane Floderer
Copywriter: Gilles André
Account Manager: Ward Braeckevelt, Antoine Bouvy, Daniel Schots.
Production Company: BBDO Productions & Activation agency: Demonstr8.
Producer: Patricia Van De Kerckhove, Renée Vermeire, Silke Ricour, Nicolas Van Poeck.
Date of Release: 2019-08-26
DOP: Jonas Van Gestel, Dejvi Vandeveire, Jasper Vanhauwaert.
Notes: In 2011, Belgium broke the world record for the longest period without a government. In May 2019, new federal elections produced an even more fragmented political landscape: political leaders from the Dutch-speaking North of the country (right-wing) and the French-speaking South (left-wing) refused to sit together at the same table. As a Belgian beer brand, Leffe decided to act and avoid beating that world record again.

100 days after the federal elections and in a total political deadlock, Leffe decided to open a dialogue between the two regions, by launching the National Debate: installing 1000 tables along the 400km of the language border – turning the border (which separates) into the longest terrace ever (to unite) – and bringing together 1000 Flemings and 1000 Walloons to debate face-to-face.

For days, we searched for the right locations to place them, gathering more than 1000 GPS coordinates. Highly targeted lead gen ads sparked interest and got people to register. We brought together one Fleming and one Walloon to a specific table and informed them of the coordinates by mail.

There, they were invited to reach a compromise on 10 political questions, put together by a political scientist. All this while sharing a good Leffe and setting that way an example to our politicians.

Finally, we delivered the results of the debates in the form of a report to party leaders. In order to help them in their negotiations and form a new government as soon as possible, in the hope of avoiding yet another world record….


While the beer market is decreasing in Belgium (-1.6% total volume in 2019 VS 2018), Leffe achieved excellent results:

1/ Sales:
- + 13% sales for August (month of campaign) and September combined.
- Behaviour change: Belgians consumed +3% more Leffe in August 2019 (VS 2018).
- Leffe’s value market share augmented with +0,9% in a total decreasing beer market.

2/ Brand:
- Consideration of Leffe as first-choice beer increased by 1% in August.
- Total awareness increased by +1.6%, and top of mind awareness by +1.5% (good results considering Leffe is already No. 1 "tasting-beer" in Belgium in volume and penetration).

3/ Campaign:
- 69% of population reached: 4.8M Belgians on an active population of 6.9M (18-64yo)
- 24M impressions in a country with only 11.4M inhabitants.
- Free press coverage of more than 40 national and international media generated more than €650.000 in earned media.
- Over 31K engagements across our different posts.
- On average, participants found compromise in 17 min.
Editing Company: BBDO Productions
Editor: Jonas Van Gestel, Dejvi Vandeveire, Jasper Vanhauwaert, Valentin Taminiau.
Sound Studio: BBDO Productions
Sound Engineer: Mathieu Schots
Post Production Company: BBDO Productions
Casting: BBDO Productions
Other Credits: Strategy: Jan Van Brakel, Kim Leunen.
Other Credits: Digital / Data / Develpment: Glenn Rongé, Karlien Fabré, Jonathan Pardon, Orry Van Den Abbeele, Jérôme De Boysère, Michiel Dirickx.
Other Credits: Traffic managers: Karine Uytterhoeven, Monique Van Moer.
Other Credits: Designers: Jorrit Michiels, David Vanderbiest.
Other Credits: Long Copywriters: Andy Vandeborne, Siglinda Paquay.
Other Credits: Activation agency: Demonstr8.
Other Credits: PR agency: Oona Antwerp.
Other Credits: Media agency: Vizeum.
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