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Endangered Colors - Tikkurila

Endangered Colors - Tikkurila - Paint


Title of Entry: Endangered Colors
Brand: Tikkurila
Product/Service: Paint
Client: Tikkurila
Entrant Company: TBWA\Helsinki
Creative Agency: TBWA\Helsinki
Chief Creative Officer: Jyrki Poutanen
Account Executive: Juha-Matti Raunio
Account Manager: Milla Leisti
Creative Director: Erno Reinikainen, Markus Nieminen, Mikko Pietilä
Sector: N/A
Art Director: Erno Reinikainen
Copywriter: Mikko Kaivo-oja
Date of Release: 2020-10-04
Judging URL: https://endangeredcolors.tikkurila.com/
Notes: According to an environmental report by the United Nations, one million plant and animal species will face extinction during the next decades. A Nordic paint company Tikkurila wanted to bring attention to this global concern: as species go extinct, also unique colors are forever lost.

The goal of Tikkurila’s paints has always been to protect buildings and furniture. This effort expands to the most threatened species on the planet in 2020 when Tikkurila launches Endangered Colors collection.

As the name suggests, the colors in the new collection draw from the colors of threatened animal species. The collection consists of nine colors, each representing one threatened species. All the products in Endangered Colors collection are low-emission, water-borne paints and packed in packages made of recycled plastic.

With every product sold, Tikkurila donates one euro to WWF’s conservation of endangered species.

The pre-marketing campaign reached over 87 million people worldwide in two weeks – with zero media budget. In 2020, Endangered Colors collection will be launched in China, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and United Kingdom.
Other Credits: Henrietta Tastula, Creative/Content
Other Credits: Pauliina Perkiö, Creative Content Strategist
Other Credits: Iida Sarpaniemi, Designer
Other Credits: Jesse Korhonen, Planner
Other Credits: Miko Montonen, Data & Insight trainee
Other Credits: Denise Dadson, Data & Insight trainee
Other Credits: Pekka Raittila, Senior Developer
Other Credits: Umberto Onza, Lead Innovation Designer
Other Credits: Juhana Hokkanen, Creative Technologist
Other Credits: Mikko Kuoppasalmi, Editor
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