5: SOCIAL (Influencer Campaigns)

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Beer Run

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Title of Entry: Beer Run
Client: BWS
Entrant Company: M&C Saatchi
Creative Agency: M&C Saatchi
Judging URL: https://www.pedestrian.tv/content/uploads/blank-template-content/1192152/
Title 1: Online Video - 6 episode content series & teasers
Title 2: Design/Collateral - The Rarest 6 Pack on Earth
Title 3: Social Media - Insta Polls
Title 4: Social Media - Influencer amplification
Title 5: Online - Partner amplification - Pedestrian articles
Date of Release: 2019-09-01
Chief Creative Officer: Cam Blackley
Account Executive: Vanessa Boueyres - M&C Saatchi Group Head
Account Manager: Charlotte El Baz - M&C Saatchi Account Director, Eliza Whyte - M&C Saatchi Senior Account Manager , Vanessa Millemaggi - M&C Saatchi Project Director
Creative Director: Sharon Edmondston
Digital Producer: Angela Byrnes - M&C Saatchi Senior Integrated Producer
Designer: Vi Trinh - M&C Saatchi Designer, James Jamias - M&C Saatchi Design Director, James Nielsen - M&C Saatchi Senior Designer , James Tranter - M&C Saatchi Designer
Production Company: Pedestrian
Copywriter: Chris Brailey - M&C Saatchi Copywriter, Curt McDonald - M&C Saatchi Senior Copywriter
Other Credits: Avish Gordhan- M&C Saatchi Executive Creative Director, Mandie Van der Merwe - M&C Saatchi Executive Creative Director
Other Credits: Catherine Mellon - M&C Saatchi Strategist
Other Credits: Anna Lawrence - Pedestrian Head of video, James Millynn - Pedestrian Senior Videographer, Jeremy Masters - Pedestrian 2nd Unit/Drone videographer, James McManus - Pedestrian Creative Director , Olivia Watts - Pedestrian Creative Producer, Josh Horne - Pedestrian Advertising and Partnerships Manager, Rhys Mugdan - Pedestrian Group Partnerships Manager & National Tinder Lead
Other Credits: Carat Australia - Media
Other Credits: Pedestrian/Channel Nine - Production
Other Credits: Frank PR - PR
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