12: HEALTHCARE (Wellness)

#wombstories - Bodyform/Libresse - Bodyform/Libresse JPG

#wombstories - Bodyform/Libresse

#wombstories - Bodyform/Libresse - Bodyform/Libresse

Grand Prix

Title of Entry: #wombstories
Brand: Bodyform/Libresse
Product/Service: Bodyform/Libresse
Client: Essity
Entrant Company: AMVBBDO
Creative Agency: AMVBBDO
Chief Creative Officer: Alex Grieve
Creative Director: Toby Allen, & Jim Hilson
Art Director: Nadja Lossgott
Copywriter: Nicholas Hulley
Sector: N/A
Date of Release: 2020-07-01
Notes: Bodyform brand campaign highlights the complex and unspoken truths about wombs, vulvas and periods. "#Wombstories", is the latest work for the Essity brand aiming to push against taboos and shame surrounding women’s bodies and health. "#Wombstories" reveals the emotional, complicated and sometimes painful realities of women’s intimate experiences. At the heart of the film are two parallel journeys: a woman who decides not to have children and another who struggles to conceive and faces the trials of IVF and miscarriage. Also featured are a character who has endometriosis, an older woman going through the menopause and a girl who gets her period for the first time. The ad mixes live action and various styles of animation to capture the "emotional rollercoaster of the lifelong relationships that women have with their uteruses and vaginas"
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