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Lidl Micromarket - Retail - Lidl Sweden JPG
Lidl Micromarket - Retail - Lidl Sweden JPG
Lidl Micromarket - Retail - Lidl Sweden JPG
Lidl Micromarket - Retail - Lidl Sweden JPG
Lidl Micromarket - Retail - Lidl Sweden MP4 2m:21s

Lidl Micromarket - Lidl Sweden

Lidl Micromarket - Lidl Sweden - Retail


Title of Entry: Lidl Micromarket
Brand: Lidl Sweden
Product/Service: Retail
Client: Lidl Sweden
Entrant Company: Volt Stockholm
Creative Agency: Volt Stockholm
Chief Creative Officer: Henrik Stampe
Account Executive: Sandra Kaludjeric Bergman
Account Manager: Jonna Liljendahl
Sector: N/A
Art Director: Christian Jörgensen
Copywriter: Johan Sundberg
Date of Release: 2019-09-01
Judging URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHCDFwQNJ2o
Notes: Background
After 15 years, Lidl has become a highly successful player in Sweden. However, there are still those who question their promise of high quality to low price – as well as their own brands who are unheard of in Sweden.

As a result, the Swedish market is polarized. You are either a true fan or a die-hard sceptic not willing to even enter a store. By making these opposites meet, we found a way to convince more people to try out Lidl’s offer.

With Lidl Micromarket, we provided true Lidl fans with everything needed to open up their own miniature Lidl shops at home. Food, beverages, clothing, store signs and a Spotify-soundtrack with genuine sounds from a Lidl store. In turn, the chosen fans signed up to invite their sceptical friends to come and taste the world of Lidl in a memorable and fun way – and to share the event online.

Lidl Micromarket became a highly effective campaign that turned existing customers into ambassadors and sceptics into new fans. The campaign also made the brand come alive off- and online in a way that aligned with the overall message in Sweden: “Making Sweden a Lidl better.”

In numbers
3rd largest increase in Word of Mouth/Most Recommendable Brand, Sweden 2019
Voted “Retailer of the year Sweden 2019” by Swedish customers
Total media reach (1 week) 17m
Earned media value (1 week) 4,2 m SEK
Number of estimated applications surpassed by 800%
Other Credits: PR creative - Samuel Skwarski
Other Credits: Client/ Strategist - Gabriella Goldman
Other Credits: Client - Fredrik Marmbrandt
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