18: CRAFT (Music (original & licensed))

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ASUS: Wow the World - ASUS Vivobook 2020 - ASUS MP4 1m:40s

ASUS: Wow the World - ASUS
ASUS Vivobook 2020

ASUS: Wow the World - ASUS - ASUS Vivobook 2020


Title of Entry: ASUS: Wow the World
Brand: ASUS
Product/Service: ASUS Vivobook 2020
Client: ASUS
Entrant Company: MassiveMusic
Creative Agency: C41
Craft Leader(s): Leone Balduzzi and Luca A. Caizz
Role: Creatives
Chief Creative Officer: Leone Balduzzi and Luca A. Caizzi
Sector: N/A
Production Company: BOLLYWOOD
Producer: Dominique Esmenard
Date of Release: 2020-03-01
Director: Leone Balduzzi
Notes: How would Generation Z write a song nowadays?

That’s the question we millennials asked ourselves before starting to work on this ASUS campaign for the launch of the new VivoBook laptop.

The aim was to attract and maintain the attention of an age group that is less influenced by traditional commercial and market logics.

We soon realised that only Gen Z can speak to Gen Z without getting lost in translation. So, together with creative agency C41, we decided to team up with emerging artist GODI J. We booked the studio for a diving session and remerged from it with an anthemic, energetic and contemporary track that reflects the taste, vibe and intentions of the digital natives.

We purposely kept a few recordings raw and unprocessed to convey the message of the campaign – be real, be creative and, above all, be yourself.

The biggest challenge? To make sure the track was ready before the shoot started, as actual lyrics from the song were used for the spot itself.

Thanks to the collaboration, we fuelled the creative exploration that the brand needed while allowing GODI J to gain exposure, in line with our MassiveArtists’ mission.

The spot, which also features the stories of other young, eclectic and brave pioneers of creativity, is the result of a mix of production and creative skills. While filming took place in Milan, the campaign maintains an international look and feel.

Instead of creating a visual campaign based on the product aesthetic elevation, we decided to tell a story – a story about a generation who has never seen the world without the Internet and, most importantly, who knows how to find creative solutions to make their dreams come true.
Music Company: MassiveMusic
URL Link (optional): https://www.massivemusic.com/en/work/detail/asus-wow-the-world
Other Credits: Composer MassiveMusic + GODI J
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