16: DIGITAL DESIGN (Innovative coding)

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Equality Spell Check - Lenovo

Equality Spell Check - Lenovo - Computers


Title of Entry: Equality Spell Check
Brand: Lenovo
Product/Service: Computers
Client: Claire Carter,Bushra Nasr
Entrant Company: Wunderman Thompson Dubai
Creative Agency: Wunderman Thompson Dubai
Judging URL: http://equalityspellcheck.com/
Account Executive: Lara Medanat,Kalid Elali, Ioanna Mavroeidi, Manon Gobet
Account Manager: Sr. Account Director: Irmak Aktas, Layal Azar
Date of Release: 2020-02-15
Notes: The MENA region loses USD 575 billion per year due to the barriers women face in the workplace daily according to PWC.

Women face significant challenges and inequalities in the workplace that men don’t realize. We wanted to highlight this issue in an attention-grabbing way that simply couldn’t be ignored. So, we chose to utilize a medium that people at work use every day, MS word.

We combined data and hard-hitting facts to develop an innovative plug-in for MS word. When downloaded, this plug-in highlighted hundreds of everyday workplace words as incorrect. And when clicked on, we revealed the meaning these words hold for women by providing facts about gender inequality in the workplace.

We also created a website where people could download our plug-in and learn valuable advice on how to take tackle inequality in their workplace. Our site was promoted with outdoor posters in key business districts, social content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It was also sent by email directly to 3000 key figure heads at companies across the MENA region.

By targeting and engaging our audience in an unexpected way, we gave them a unique brand experience, leading them to reflect on themselves and their own workplace, while also encouraging them to join the conversation and make a positive change

By modifying the world’s most used program, we modified people’s behavior. And reminded them that actions speak louder than words.

Note for the Jury: Plug-in and installation video for PC & Mac at http://equalityspellcheck.com/
Developer: Jalal Wehbi
Designer: Erick Canedo
UX Designer: Diogo Borges
Production Company: CANJA Audio Culture
Other Credits: Executive Creative Director: Pablo Maldonado
Other Credits: CEO MENA: Nassib Boueri
Other Credits: General Manager: Faysal Abdul Malak
Other Credits: Senior Copywriter: Waleed Bachnak
Other Credits: Senior Art Director: Saymon Medeiros
Other Credits: Head of Strategy: Álvaro Bretel
Other Credits: Strategist: Dina Alsharif
Other Credits: Social Media Director: Hisham Othman
Other Credits: Tech development: Jaafar Serhan
Other Credits: Editors: Soheil Magdi, Valerie Pinto
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