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Telcollection - Prisma

Telcollection - Prisma - Retail


Title of Entry: Telcollection
Brand: Prisma
Product/Service: Retail
Client: S Group
Entrant Company: TBWA\Helsinki
Creative Agency: TBWA\Helsinki
Chief Creative Officer: Jyrki Poutanen
Account Executive: Taneli Mattelmäki
Account Manager: Nina Immonen
Creative Director: Joni Furstenborg
Media Strategist: Anssi Soini, Carat/Helsinki
Sector: RETAIL
Media Executive: Juha Halmesvaara, Carat/Helsinki
Digital Strategist: Terhi Vaalavuo, SOK Media
Art Director: Sami Kelahaara
Copywriter: Tuomas Perälä
Date of Release: 2020-05-22
Notes: Telcollection is a creative response from Finland's largest fashion retailer to the most unexpected clothing phenomenon of spring - a collection of half-formal outfits for Finns working from home half-dressed.

Since the pandemic started, the fashion industry went downhill. People were stuck at home, working at remote offices.

Finland's largest fashion retail chain Prisma responded to this unexpected phenomenon by creating a special collection that combines formal upper parts with less formal bottoms into striking outfits. Ultimately the supporting campaign by TBWA Helsinki evolved into one kind of a phenomenon itself and helped to multiply sales of both, home and business wear, in the challenging times for retailers. According to recent research, more than every fifth Finn has started working from home this spring due to the coronavirus outbreak. A massive change in our everyday lives has also had an unexpected, but natural impact on how we dress for work nowadays. Prisma, as one of the leading fashion retailers in Finland, saw an opportunity to react in it’s own way to this unprecedented change in clothing trends.

When offline sales took a hit due to the pandemic, the goal was to drive people to Prisma online store. The traffic to the online shop grew by 1600 %.
Other Credits: Designer: Hanna Karlsson
Other Credits: SOK Media: Minni Jaakola, Laura Pyykönen, Ainoliisa Hieta, Lauri Toivonen
Other Credits: Junior Communication Specialist: Saana Sundberg
Other Credits: Design trainee: Sami Taberman
Other Credits: Copywriter: Roni Regnér
Other Credits: Junior Art Director: Ville Rutanen
Other Credits: Executive Creative Director: Mikko Pietilä
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