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Keeping it safe. From a distance. - Newspaper - HOK-Elanto JPG

Keeping it safe. From a distance. - HOK-Elanto

Keeping it safe. From a distance. - HOK-Elanto - Newspaper


Title of Entry: Keeping it safe. From a distance.
Brand: HOK-Elanto
Product/Service: Newspaper
Client: Helsingin Sanomat
Entrant Company: TBWA\Helsinki
Creative Agency: TBWA\Helsinki
Creative Director: Joni Furstenborg
Art Director: Ville Rutanen
Copywriter: Roni Regnér
Chief Creative Officer: Jyrki Poutanen
Sector: MEDIA TV
Account Executive: Taneli Mattelmäki
Account Manager: Anette Michelsson
Date of Release: 2020-05-08
Notes: Keeping distance is rooted in Finnish DNA. Even before the covid-19 crisis, we’ve seen images of Finns waiting at bus stops 6 feet apart. When governments around the world were starting to gradually lift restrictions it is important to remind even the Finns that keeping the distance is still crucial. HOK-Elanto, one of Finland’s biggest retailers, has actively communicated about safety during grocery shopping and now they continue their work with an insightful print ad that demonstrates the preferred distance. The print ran in the nation’s biggest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat on 8th of May.

On the week of publication, the Finnish government announced that some of the restrictions will be gradually lifted during the next month but keeping the safe distance is still crucial. Alleviating restrictions does not mean that life will be back to normal and it is still important for people to protect themselves by keeping the 6 feet distance.

Instead of just telling or teaching people how to act we wanted to let them experience it. We believe that by doing this we will leave a stronger imprint and more people will remember our important message.

HOK-Elanto published a print in the biggest Finnish newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, reminding people to keep their distance during grocery shopping. Instead of just reminding people, the print demonstrates what the appropriate six feet distance means in practice. When the reader looks at the print from a reading distance it appears to be blurry and to be able to read it you have to back up six feet.

The impression of blurriness was created by using an optical illusion relying on visual patterns.
Other Credits: Innovation Director: Juhana Hokkanen
Other Credits: Junior Communication: Specialist Saana Sundberg
Other Credits: Data & Insights Trainee: Ellen Lindbom
Other Credits: Creative team: Erno Reinikainen, Tuomas Perälä
Other Credits: HOK-Elanto, Director of Communication and Marketing: Tuomas Ahola
Other Credits: Carat/Helsinki: Media Innovations Director: Juha Halmesvaara, Strategic Planner: Anssi Soini
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