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Anti Pollution Flags - Bancolombia - Grupo Bancolombia JPG

Anti Pollution Flags - Grupo Bancolombia

Anti Pollution Flags - Grupo Bancolombia - Bancolombia


Title of Entry: Anti Pollution Flags
Brand: Grupo Bancolombia
Product/Service: Bancolombia
Client: Bancolombia
Entrant Company: Sancho BBDO
Creative Agency: Sancho BBDO
Duration of Entry: 01:24
Chief Creative Officer: Hugo Corredor / Giovanni Martinez / Sergio León / mario Lagos
Account Executive: Nicolas Duarte
Account Manager: Ximena Jimenez
Creative Director: Diego Contreras / Diana Triana
Art Director: Pedro Fernando Zamora
Copywriter: Allison Diaz
Date of Release: 2019-07-10
Colombia is the second most polluted country in Latin America. But at the same time is one of the most patriotic. Every july millions of Colombians hoisted flags from their windows to celebrate independence day. Brief: Make an action to celebrate Independence Day, and also strengthen the bank's relationship with sustainability.

Increase the brand sentiment by 10%, which by the end of 2018 was 48%, but with an action that could demonstrate the bank's sustainability purpose.

Cultural / social climate and the significance of the work within this context:
Colombia is a country with great national pride, but at the same time, it is little aware of environmental deterioration. And on the day that the country's Independence Day was celebrated in 2019, large cities such as Bogotá and Medellín were immersed in a true environmental crisis due to air quality.

Creative idea
We turn the national flag into an air filter, because today's battle is not for freedom, it is for breathing.

Bancolombia, the most sustainable bank in the world according to the Dow Jones 2018 index, wanted to connect the colombian public with sustainability, a country that remains skeptical and disconnected from the urgency of addressing these issues. More than 3,000 families had to be reached with an action that could be replicated year after year. In addition, it would make people aware of the environmental problems of the country.

The first challenge to carry out the idea was to find a company that could manufactured the flag with the appropriate specifications: the appropriate colors and sizes and the technology to capture toxic particles presents in the air (activated carbon fiilter and "Tricot" fabric). On July millions of Colombians would raise their flags all month so the last days of June we took to the streets, in the most polluted areas of the country, to deliver flags door to door, with a small user manual that explain the functionality of the flag. In addition, we invite people to send new ideas to take care of enviroment, that were published on Bancolombia's social networks.

More than 5,000 families were sensitized and expressed on social networks that they will continue to use the flag year after year, with the hashtag #AbanderateDelCambio, a word game in spanish that connects the word "flag" with "leading a change". In addition, we get lots of ideas from people to save water, reuse plastics and recycle. On the other hand, the brand sentiment reports a growth of 19%, nine points more than the target, which had not been registered in recent years. At the end of 2018 there was a positive feeling of 48% and for 2019 after this action there was a positive feeling of 67%.
Other Credits: Carlos Felipe Arango / President
Other Credits: Andres Carvajal / Chief Strategy Oficer
Other Credits: Natalia Perez / Executive Vicepresident
Other Credits: Andrés Vélez / Editor
Other Credits: Jaime Andres Calderon / Post Production
Other Credits: Juan Rueda / Director
Other Credits: Rudo & Cursi / Director
Other Credits: Betto Clavijo / Editor
Other Credits: Marcela Zabaleta / Executive Producer
Other Credits: Carlos Calvo / Laika Studio Sound Engineer
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