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Clear - Guinness

Clear - Guinness - Guinness


Title of Entry: Clear
Brand: Guinness
Product/Service: Guinness
Client: Diageo
Entrant Company: AMVBBDO
Creative Agency: AMVBBDO
Chief Creative Officer: Alex Grieve
Creative Director: Nicholas Hulley, Nadja Lossgott
Copywriter: Tim Riley
Date of Release: 2019-02-07
Notes: Guinness wanted to help people drink more responsibly. So, we rebranded boring old tap water as an exciting new drink: Guinness Clear. At a stroke, we removed the social stigma attached to ordering water in a bar – and turned it into a joke everyone could share. The campaign comprised TV, social, print, ‘Home Brew’ kits, even rain ponchos. After two months, 80% of consumers we spoke to said they’d moderated their alcohol intake by drinking water.
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